‘The mariner’s and merchant’s polyglot technical dictionary…’ by Karel Pieter Ter Reehorst (1850)

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Full title: ‘The mariner’s and merchant’s polyglot technical dictionary of upwards of five thousand nautical, steam, and ship-building terms, commercial and scientific, in ten different languages, ... with a precise explanatory key to the pronunciation of these languages, and a comparative table of the money, weights and measures of sea ports’ by Karel Pieter Ter Reehorst (Creator)(1850)

Publication date: 1850
Topics: Naval art and science, Shipbuilding, Commerce, English language, Foreign exchange, Money, Weights and measures
Publisher: London: Williams and Northgate …
Collection: getty; americana
Digitising sponsor: Getty Research Institute
Contributor: Getty Research Institute
Languages: English, Dutch, German, Danish/Norwegian, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish/Castillian, Portuguese, Russian
Possible copyright status: NOT IN COPYRIGHT
Scanner: Treventus AScanRobot 2.0 MDS, Plustek A300
Preface and Ad utilitatem omnium dated: Kampen, 2 September 1848

Previously published under titles: New dictionary of technical terms [in fewer languages], London, 1841; The mariner's friend, Amsterdam, 1849; and again in 1850 as Polyglot commercial dictionary in ten languages, London, J.J. Griffin. With the exception of this ed.'s comparative money table, the latter two appear to be identical in content

"Comparative table of the money, weights and measures of seaports" is a lithograph on a folded sheet 49 x 71 cm. also dated: Kampen, 2 September 1848

Facing pages of the dictionary itself numbered in duplicate

"Supplement or Dutch index" follows dictionary pages which are arranged alphabetically in English with translations in columns on the facing pages including Dutch, German, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian

Includes bibliographical references and errata

Library's copy has duplicate sequences (xv p.) of: Ad utilitatem omnium : on the pronunciation of living and modern languages in general

Following 2nd appearance of Ad utilitatem omnium are 24 p. of supplementary entries

Library's copy from the library of J. Paul Getty


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