67 random Dutch-English terms

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Dutch English Notes
aftekenen; afgetekend receipt (JurLex)
aftekenen; afgetekend mark out IATE: Definition: (1) to trace on a rough casting the necessary marks for dimensions checking and for machining (2) to set out dimensional marks or outlines on a material as a guide for subsequent cutting operations (aka: mark, lay out, scribe, trace)
aftekenen; afgetekend sign off (EDUCATION) Usage example: ‘Signed off tasks are those that you as teacher consider to be completed - i.e. there is no outstanding work. If a task is signed off, it is removed from student task lists, so if they haven't completed it, this is the equivalent of excusing them from the task.’
aftekenen; afgetekend; viseren stamp (customs)
aftekenen; bevestigen endors
Attractiebesluit Attractions Decree (Warenwetbesluit attractie- en speeltoestellen) (26 maart 1997)
attractiesector attractions sector, the ‘Today’s consumers are more tech-savvy and have ever increasing expectations. Across the attractions sector, there are signs that customers want more innovative, immersive and interactive experiences which provide value for money.’
balie counter; desk; service desk; front desk (toonbank)
balie bar; bar association (advocatuur)
Behandel alle middelen met zorg Treat resources with care
Creëer waarde Create value
De wil om te slagen Will to succeed
Deel informatie Share information
Denk anders, handel direct Think new, act fast
Denk vooruit Think future-oriented
Duurzaamheid en efficiëntie zijn cruciaal Sustainability and efficiency are key
Focus op de essentie Focus on essentials
Focus op doelstellingen en oplossingen Focus on goals and solutions
Focus op feiten Focus on facts
Fórmula X Formula X
gastgerichtheid guest orientation Guest orientation is defined as the importance a customer service provider places on his or her customers’ needs and expectations with regard to service offerings and describes the extent to which employees are willing to put forth time and effort to satisfy their customers (Kelly, 1992).
gastheerschap hostmanship/hosting (JurLex); hospitality (Linguee); hosting (of e.g. a conference)
Geef en ontvang feedback Give and receive feedback
Geef het goede voorbeeld Lead by example
Geef leiding Give direction
Geef voorrang aan het team Prioritize the team
gezin vs familie family GEZIN = immediate family (children and their parents) FAMILIE = extended family (the same as een gezin + aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.)
Hou het eenvoudig Keep it simple
Implementeer snel Implement quickly
ingreep surgery; intervention; procedure (medical)
Integriteit Integrity
klimaatplafond climate-controlled ceiling
Leer van fouten en deel beste praktijken Learn from mistakes and share best practices
Leiderschapsprincipes Leadership principles
Luister en spreek Listen and discuss
managementondersteuning; managementondersteuner management support
Mens, Omgeving en Proces; M.O.P.; MOP; MOP-model People, Process, and Place (PPP) A three-part model developed by the Facility Management Institute to describe the basic nature of facility management. People are the end users, space occupants, visitors, and others who occupy the space; process represents work processes that occur in the space, namely, pedestrian and vehicular movement, work, and paper flow; and place is the physical infrastructure of a building and how it supports employees?
Neem initiatief Take the initiative
Neem verantwoordelijkheid Take ownership
Octrooiraad Patent Council (nu: Bureau voor de Industriële Eigendom)
Onderzoek alternatieven Investigate alternatives
Ontwikkel personeelsleden en teams Develop employees and teams
Onze waarden Our values
op de bonnefooi on spec In the hope of success but without any specific plan or instructions: ‘he built the factory on spec and hoped someone would buy it’
op de bonnefooi without pre booking; without making prior arrangements
op zichzelf (genomen) as it is; viewed apart [Van Dale]
op zichzelf is dat niets nieuws actually / in itself that's nothing new [Van Dale]
overnachtingsrecreatie; verblijfsrecreatie; verblijfstoerisme; vakantierecreatie; Übernachtungsurlaub stay tourism (IATE); overnight tourism; residential recreation; recreational accommodation; overnight recreational accommodation (MJWB) Def.: het verblijf voor recreatieve doeleinden buiten de eerste woning, waarbij ten minste één nacht wordt doorgebracht, met uitzondering van overnachtingen bij familie en kennissen.
Prestatiecultuur Performance Culture (stets großschreiben!)
Professionalisme Professionalism
Respect Respect
Respecteer kerncompetenties Respect key competencies
Stimuleer verandering Promote change
stralingspanelen radiant panels
Toon moed Demonstrate courage
Toon openheid Demonstrate openness
Treed op als team Act as a team
vacuümvorming vacuum formation [GWIT]
Verantwoordelijkheid Ownership
Vertrouwen Trust
Vorm partnerschappen Form partnerships
Vraag advies Seek advice
Waarborg de veiligheid op het werk Ensure safety at work
Win als team Win as a team
Zoek oplossingen Seek solutions