Aan- en uitloop

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  • aan- en uitloop (context: paver, road construction)


  • run-in and run-out zone


run-in and run-out zone
Assuming this is about the required amount of distance the paver machine needs before and after the screed (rather than needing to start/warm up or run out its engine), I think this is correct.

see e.g.:


‘The design of stabilised pavements in New Zealand
For the stabilisation process, trenches 26m long by 5m wide were excavated outside the CAPTIF building for each material. The trenches had 5m run-in and run-out zones to allow the machine to reach equilibrium before material was used in the track. A total thickness of 340mm of GAP65 material was laid in two lifts and compacted to 95% of maximum dry density (2.11t/m3) at its OWC (4.0%).’


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