Complex project ‘Kustvisie’

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  • complex project ‘Kustvisie’
  • complex project Kustvisie
  • Complex Project Kustvisie
    • Abbreviation: CPK


  • Complex Project Coastal Vision
  • complex project Coastal Vision
  • complex project ‘Kustvisie’ (vision for the coast)
  • complex project ‘Kustvisie’ (a vision for the Flemish Coast)


Vision on Belgium’s coastline for 2100: a complex project

The complex coastal vision project aims to ensure a climate-proof coastline in northern Belgium by the year 2100. Ensuring the safety of the people and protecting them against the consequences of rising sea levels is quite a challenge. The long-term nature of the project and the uncertainties this brings with it makes it even more complex. Antea Group has been contracted by the Flemish government to handle process-related project support and coordination. The participation process involving all stakeholders is an important aspect. In addition, Antea Group is responsible for the climate scenarios that will be used in the development of the future vision.

Over the past decade, the long-term development of the Flemish Coast has been studied within the Flemish Bays project and the subsequent Complex Project Coastal Vision. Within both projects, a main area of concern was the protection of our coast against the rapidly changing climate.


Output Workshop ‘Climate Scenarios Flemish Coast’ 12 December 2018 – Flanders Hydraulics Research, Antwerp INTRODUCTION This document presents the output of the workshop ‘Climate Scenarios for the Flemish Coast’ which was initiated by the Flemish government. The initiative originates from the common need in the projects Complex Project Coastal Vision (CPK) and Climate Resilient Coast (CREST), to have universal, scientifically accepted climate scenarios for the Flemish coast. CPK requires extreme scenarios to be able to design an adaptive coastal protection until 2100.

ORI VISION PAPER The important role of engineering and consultancy firms in the climate change debate

Today, the multidisciplinary teams working for engineering and consultancy firms have the expertise to take a holistic, integrated approach to spatial planning, based on a combination of both grey and green infrastructure solutions and technologies, and taking into account future climate change prognoses. This type of approach has both strengths and constraints, in terms of the environment, society and the economy. An example of this is the complex coastal vision project (CPK) [8], where engineering and consultancy firms take a long-term perspective on protecting the coast from expected sea level rise and changed weather conditions by integrating green and grey infrastructure solutions, thereby also taking into account the effects on society, the economy and the environment.

[8] Complex Project Kustvisie -

Longer term vision for the coast, considering the new challenges posed by climate change and updated projections of sea level rise, is now formulated within the project “Kustvisie” (Coastal Vision) launched in 2017. It aimed at protecting the coast even beyond 2050.


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