Dutch-English and English-Dutch Dictionary in the new spelling, by C.J Van Rijn (1908)

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  • Title: Dutch-English and English-Dutch Dictionary for South Africa & Europe in the Simplified (Kollewijn) Dutch Spelling, With the Common Cape Dutch Words, and Containing in the Second Part the Pronunciation of Every Word
  • Author: C.J. van Rijn
  • Publisher: G.B. van Goor sons, 1908
  • Original from: the University of California
  • Digitised: 13 Nov 2014
  • Length: 716 pages

See: https://books.google.co.uk/books/about/Dutch_English_and_English_Dutch_Dictiona.html?id=Hh9FAQAAMAAJ&redir_esc=y

Source: https://www.dbnl.org/arch/rijn037dutc01_01/pag/rijn037dutc01_01.pdf

Archived at: https://termhotel.com/archives/dutch-english_and_english-dutch_dictionary_in_the_new_spelling.pdf