• gewichtsprocent[1]
  • gewichtspercentage
  • gewichtspercent
  • % naar gewicht
  • percentage naar gewicht
  • gew%
  • Gew.-%


  • percentage by weight
  • % by weight
  • weight percent
  • weight per cent
  • wt%
  • %wt (sometimes used)

Examples of usage

Mass Percentage
The mass fraction is also known as the mass percentage, mass per cent, percentage by mass, or percentage by weight when expressed in the percentage. It is abbreviated mass % or wt %.

“Mass fraction can also be expressed, with a denominator of 100, as percentage by mass (in commercial contexts often called percentage by weight, abbreviated wt%; see mass versus weight). It is one way of expressing the composition of a mixture in a dimensionless size; mole fraction (percentage by moles, mol%) and volume fraction (percentage by volume, vol%) are others.”


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  1. see: “(scheikunde) een verouderde term voor massaprocent: massa van een chemisch product gedeeld door de massa van het mengsel maal honderd”