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• kaderwet
‘Een kaderwet (of raamwet) is een wet die de algemene principes, verantwoordelijkheden en procedures regelt, maar geen gedetailleerde regels bevat.’ (https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaderwet)
• raamwet


• enabling act
• framework law
‘Framework laws are laws that are more specific than constitutional provisions. They lay down general obligations and principles but leave to governing authorities the task of enacting the further legislation and other specific measures, as may be required.’ (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Framework_law)
• enabling legislation
‘Legislation which authorises government ministers or bodies to create detailed rules to accomplish general principles set out in the legislation. For example it may allow a minister to create rules or laws for a particular body, such as the police, to follow.’ (legalchoices.org.uk)
• framework Act (JurLex, FELOnline)
e.g.: Kaderwet Financiële Verstrekkingen = Framework Act on the Provision of Financial Resources
• outline law
‘Law outlining general principles but leaving the government to use its parliamentary power to develop further.’
• outline law
• framework legislation
• regulatory framework
‘Act No. 2019-486 of May 22, 2019 (the Loi PACTE), which creates a regulatory framework for both initial coin offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency-related businesses, has finally been enacted by the French government and became effective on May 24, 2019.’ (kramerlevin.com)
• legal framework
• skeleton law


• loi d’orientation
• loi-cadre; loi cadre


• Rahmengesetz
• Rahmengesetzgebung