Mother deed (property)



  • mother deed (???)
  • title deeds[1]


  • moederakte (???)
  • titelakte

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9 important documents to check before buying property
4. Mother Deed
The mother deed traces the origin of ownership of a property. This legal document lists the details of all the previous owners. When buying a property, it is better to have a record of all previous owners to check for a possible invalid transaction that may lead to complications later on. Any missing transaction needs to be rectified with relevant supporting documents that can be obtained from registration authorities.
A word of advice:
The mother deed needs to be registered within four months of executing the transaction or one would be liable to pay a hefty fine to up to 10 times the cost of registration.

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Mother deed traces history of ownership
Ownership of property changes hands through a series of transactions. It is very important to trace the ownership of a property, especially when it is either being purchased or is being offered as a security. Mother deed acts as the main legal document as evidence ownership of property. It also acts as the main document for further sale by the buyer as it establishes proof of his ownership.