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onderspannen = 
• to tighten, stress, or strain insufficiently
•  (transitive, mathematics) to subtend[1]
omkeerwiel; omkeertandwiel; keerwiel; omlegwiel =
de: Kettenumlenkung
es: Rueda de desvío 
de: Umlenkrad
en: deflection wheel
it: Ruota d’inversione
fr?: pignon de renvoi
fr: Galet de renvoi
orgaan = member
TECHNICAL. member: A constituent piece of a complex structure, especially a component of a load-bearing structure: ‘the main member that joins the front and rear axles’


  1. subtend: (1) Geometry (of a line, arc, or figure) form (an angle) at a particular point when straight lines from its extremities are joined at that point: the angle subtended by a string of length r at the centre of the sphere (1.1) (of an angle or chord) have bounding lines or points that meet or coincide with those of (a line or arc). (2) Botany (of a bract) extend under (a flower) so as to support or enfold it: the main beauty is provided by the bracts which subtend the flowers