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See also: akte van overschrijving = deed of transfer



  • (comp.) overwrite
  • (kopiëren) copy, write out
  • (overboeken) transfer, remit
  • register (see below)
  • transcribe (see below)

‘overschrijven’ = ‘register’, ‘registration’

Moreover, the municipality in The Hague maintains a central register for foreign court decisions concerning divorce, judicial separation and the annulment of marriage, as well as registered partnerships. This registration is mandatory (Art. 1:17, in combination with 1:21 DCC) in order to make the decree valid in the Netherlands. Foreign registrations and court decisions in accordance with the foreign law will be added by the civil status registry to the registrations in its office on request, on order of the Public Ministry or ex officio in so far as they refer to Dutch registrations of marriages, registered partnerships or birth (Art. 1:20b DCC). Foreign registrations of birth, marriage, registered partnership and death – drawn up by the competent authority – will be registered in The Hague on request of an interested party or at the request of the state if the registration concerns a current/former Dutch national or a foreigner who resides in the Netherlands with a valid permit (Art. 1:25 DCC). Foreign registrations of birth are also registered if these registrations have to be altered according to Dutch law. The registrar can also register such events on his own initiative if he considers it suitable. Consular registers are held in double and one copy is deposited in the central files. For further details regarding the conditions applied to the recognition of such documents, see §2.

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A Comparative Study on Civil Status

‘overschrijven’ = ‘transcribe’ & ‘transfer’

Can I have my legalised foreign certificate **transcribed** to Belgium?
If you are Belgian, you can have a foreign registration document (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate) transcribed to Belgium after legalisation.

These certificates can be transferred to the Belgian civil status register held by your current municipality or the first municipality in which you live when you first return.

If you do not have a residence or accommodation in Belgium, you can have the certificate transferred to the civil status register in your last place of residence in Belgium or the place of residence of your relatives in the ascending line (father, mother, grandfather, grandmother), or to the register in the municipality where you were born or, in the last instance, in the city of Brussels.

You can always request copies of or excerpts from the certificates from the registrar in the municipality to which the certificate was transferred. You do not need to request the certificate from the foreign country and have it legalised again.


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See also: ‘copy’ (noun): a reproduction of a written record (e.g. of a legal or school record)

8 https://www.proz.com/kudoz/dutch-to-english/law-general/4087180-akte-van-inschrijving-van-buitenlandse-akte.html (Akte van inschrijving van buitenlandse akte → certificate of registration of foreign document)


‘Het wordt absoluut aangeraden een buitenlandse akte van de burgerlijke stand, die op een Belg of een Belgisch familielid (bv. echtgenoot/echtgenote; kind) betrekking heeft, in de lopende registers van de burgerlijke stand van een gemeente in België over te schrijven.  Het verzoek tot overschrijving gebeurt bij de ambtenaar van de burgerlijke stand door de betrokkene zelf, de wettelijke vertegenwoordiger (ouder, voogd) of de Procureur van de Koning.’

“Iedere Belg kan verzoeken dat een in een vreemd land opgemaakte akte van de burgerlijke stand die op hem betrekking heeft, wordt overgeschreven in de registers van de burgerlijke stand van de gemeente van zijn woonplaats of van zijn eerste vestiging bij de terugkeer op het grondgebied van het Rijk. Van deze overschrijving wordt melding gemaakt op de kant van de lopende registers, volgens de dagtekening van het feit waarop de akte betrekking heeft.”54 De overschrijving in de registers van de burgerlijke stand geldt zodoende enkel voor Belgen55. Andere akten kunnen in de kant vermeld worden.