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  • testopstelling
  • test opstelling
  • test-opstelling


  • test rig (‘JurLex’)(‘An apparatus used for assessing the performance of a piece of mechanical or electrical equipment.’ Oxforddictionaries.com)
  • test set-up, test configuration (IATE)
  • engine test stand, test stand (‘a facility used to develop, characterize and test engines’[1])
  • pilot plant
  • test assembly
  • equipment used for the test



Definition: testapparatuur aangesloten op de EUT via een radioverbinding ofwel via een antenneaansluiting
Definition reference: TBR6,5.1

test set-up       
test configuration

Definition: test equipment being connected to the EUT either by a radio link or via an antenna connector; 2) a test configuration defined as being: the set of points, real or simulated, linked between them by signalling linksets, real or simulated, and of which some are connected to the point under test by one or several signalling linksets; b) the set of routing rules applied in different pointsand also in point under test; c) the flows of test traffic generated and received by; d) a set of generation and reception means; e) the means (program, operator interface, etc) to run de described tests; notably the possibilities of storage and analysis of test traffic and level 3 messages, and, in the case of validation tests, the possibility to send at any stage of a test, any messages (level 3 or test) valid or not

Definition reference: 1)TBR6,5.12

src: https://iate.europa.eu/search/standard/result/1613649726347/1