Tie strap

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Groot Woordenboek Industrie & Techniek (GWIT)

tie strap [AUTOMOT.] = kunststofklemband / kunststof klemband


tie strap = kunststofklemband (Bron: Autowoordenboek)

Face masks

tie-on strap; tie; tie strap
strikband / strikbanden; strikbandje / strikbandjes
Een zonnehoed van geweven kwaliteit met strikbandjes onder de kin. = Woven sun hat with ties under the chin. (hm.com)

Surgical Tie-On Face Mask (Box of 50) (amazon.co.uk)

Our Face Mask with Tie-On Straps has been developed from lightweight, polypropylene material for maximum comfort. This face mask features polypropylene straps which can be fastened to varying degrees of tightness to suit the individual wearer, all the while kept in place by a PVC-coated steel wire nose clamp.

Transporting loads: ‘tie-down straps’

tie-down strap