changeover, change-over, change over



  • changeover, change-over, change over


  • wissel
  • overschakeling
  • overschakeling
  • overgang
  • (sport, in het bijzonder atletiek) het wisselen
  • (tennis) baanwisseling, wisseling van speelhelft

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  • ("a complete change from one system or method to another")
  • ("A changeover is a change from one activity or system to another.")
  • ("conversion, transition")
  • ("In manufacturing, changeover is the process of converting a line or machine from running one product to another. Changeover times can last from a few minutes to as much as several weeks in the case of automobile manufacturers retooling for new models. Reducing changeover times became a popular way to reduce waste in Lean manufacturing after Taiichi Ohno and Shingo Shigeo popularized the SMED (Single Minute Die Exchange) method in the, now famous, Toyota Production System (TPS). The terms set-up and changeover are sometimes used interchangeably however this usage is incorrect. Set-up is only one component of changeover. Example: A soft drink bottler may run 16oz glass bottles one day, perform a changeover on the line and then run 20oz plastic bottles the next day.")


Dutch English Source
een hendel overhalen / verzetten pull / throw a handle / lever
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