Note: this is Belgian Dutch!


  • concluant
  • concluante


  • party appearing before the Court/he who pleads
  • the pleading party
  • the person filing the statements in the application
  • party submitting the brief

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Having been a lawyer in private practice, I've used the term innumerable times.

"Concluant" or "Concluante" is the party for whom a lawyer is submitting a brief ("conclusies") to a Tribunal or Court. It can be the claiming or the defending party. (André Sainderichin,[1]
The term "concluante" in a Flemish text must be interpreted as the "party appearing before the Court/he who pleads".

Obviously you can't translate it as that, so in EN you have to replace it with the specific party e.g. defendant/claimant/plaintiff/appellant/respondent - as the case may be (look at your preceding context) and depending on whether your terms are US/UK.

e.g. bankruptcy of the defendant 

"Conclusies" in this context would mean the pleadings.

I'm a qualified lawyer myself and translate Belgian NL ("Flemish") legal on a daily basis, so can vouch from that point of view.

Hope this helps (Deborah Irene do Carmo,[2]


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