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  • draagbalk
  • draag-balk
  • draag balk
  • draagbalken


  • breastsummer
  • summer(-tree)
  • [BUILD.] (van hout) support beam, supporting beam
  • (metalen constructie) bearing girder, supporting girder, girder
  • (van vloer) joist, supporting joist
  • [CIV.ENG.] spandrel girder

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In automotive context

draagbalk aan binnenkant van drempel = inner door sill
draagbalk dwars in chassis = cross member, traverse member
draagbalk in lengterichting in chassis = longitudinal member
draagbalk met U-profiel = channel cross member
draagbalk op centrale plaats in chassis = central member
draagbalk van chassis = chassis member, frame member
draagbalken van carrosserie = body frame

Lintel (English) / latei (Dutch)

see also:

latei, linteel (BE) (a.k.a. draagsteen, draagbalk) = lintel, lintol[1]

meaning: a type of beam (a horizontal structural element) that spans openings such as portals, doors, windows and fireplaces.