flash evaporation

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  • flash evaporation
  • partial evaporation


  • ontspanningsverdamping
  • ‘flash’-verdamping
  • flashverdamping
  • meertrapsontspanningsverdamping
  • plotselinge (flash) verdamping

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Dutch English Source
Automated, non-directed aerosolization (e.g. fogging or spraying, flash evaporation) Geautomatiseerde, niet-gerichte aerosolvorming (bv. verneveling of sproeien of plotselinge (flash) verdamping) Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/1232 of 13 July 2022 granting a Union authorisation for the biocidal product family ‘INTEROX Biocidal Product Family 1’ (Text with EEA relevance)[1]


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