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  • lokalisatie
  • localisatie


  • (het binnen de grenzen houden/tot een plaats beperken) localisation/localization; containment
  • (plaatsbepaling) location[1]
  • (GWIT#1) locating
  • (GWIT#4: aanpassen van teksten aan landstaal en cultuur) localisation/localization
  • positioning[2][3] (see: ‘Positioning system’, Wikipedia)


  • lokalisatie op microschaal = microscale siting[4]
  • lokalisatie van de genen = localization of the genes[5]
  • lokalisatiemodus = locate mode[6]
  • lokalisatiecode = location code[7]

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OED: ‘localize’

localize, v.


1.1 trans. To make local in character; to invest or imbue with the characteristics of a particular place or locality.

2.2 To fix or plant in a particular place or district, or in a particular part or point of any whole or system. Usually with limitative force: To restrict or confine to a particular place or area; to make local in range or currency.

b.2.b To identify with a particular locality or localities; to attach to particular districts.

c.2.c To concentrate (attention) upon a particular spot.

3.3 To attribute (in thought or statement) to a particular place or locality; to find or invent a locality for, ascertain or determine the locality of. Occas. const. to.

Hence ˈlocalizing vbl. n. and ppl. a.

Additions 1997

Add: 4.4 intr. a.4.a In Path., (of a symptom, infective agent, etc.) to be or become restricted to a particular part or parts of the body; in Ecol., (of a species) to adopt a geographically restricted area as its territory.

b.4.b Of a person: to adapt oneself to a place and settle there.


  1. location: The action of discovering, or the ability to discover or determine, the position of a person or thing. (OED)
  2. A positioning system is a mechanism for determining the location of an object in space. Technologies for this task exist ranging from worldwide coverage with meter accuracy to workspace coverage with sub-millimetre accuracy.
  3. IATE: https://iate.europa.eu/search/result/1638832786520/1 / Definition: the action of establishing the geographical place of the unit in distress, normally expressed in degrees and minutes of latitude and longitude (Definition reference: Terms relating to the mobile services,Rep.747-10) [German: Ortung / Ortsbestimmung / Lokalisierung]
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  6. https://iate.europa.eu/search/result/1638832786520/1 (wijze van overdracht, waarbij de gegevens worden aangeduid door een verwijzer zonder te worden verplaatst = a way of providing data by pointing to its location instead of moving it)
  7. code which identifies a location of a financial institution within a country (https://iate.europa.eu/search/result/1638832786520/1)