mantel (Dutch)



  • mantel
    • bij ver­ge­lij­king zaak die iets ge­heel of ten de­le om­hult (in al­ler­lei tech­ni­sche toe­pas­sin­gen)
    • ge­bo­gen vlak van een ci­lin­der of ke­gel


  • (techniek) casing, jacket, housing, (heating) mantle, cladding, sheath
  • protective cover
  • blanket
  • canopy
  • case (The outer protective covering of a natural or manufactured object)
  • casing (a cover or shell that protects or encloses something)
  • cloak
  • cloud
  • cover (a thing which lies on, over, or around something, especially in order to protect or conceal it)
  • covering (a thing used to protect, decorate, or conceal something else; a layer of something that covers something else)
  • curtain
  • envelope
  • layer
  • mask
  • overlay
  • pall
  • screen
  • sheet
  • shell
  • shroud
  • veil

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Dutch English Source
de mantel (van splijtstofstaaf) in kernreactor the casing (of fissionable material) in a nuclear reactor
(bescherm)mantel conduit Haynes Technisch Woordenboek Engels-Nederlands


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