• mensenwerk


  • XXX is done by people
  • calls for human involvement
  • human aspects (JurLex)
  • [change is] peoplework[1]
  • [services are] labour-intensive
  • all about people
  • man's handiwork
  • work for humans
  • XXX is about people
  • … on a human scale
  • the work of human hands


  • Menschenarbeit
  • Arbeit von Menschenhand

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Het blijft mensenwerk en iedere organisatie is uniek It's still about human actions and each organisation is unique.
Ons werk is mensenwerk en onze medewerkers vormen het belangrijkste kapitaal van onze onderneming. Our work is done by people and our employees constitute the most important capital in our business.
Rivierbeheer is mensenwerk en kan op verschillende manieren vorm krijgen. River management is the work of human hands and ccan be shaped in different ways.
Het vervolgtraject is mensenwerk: wat hebben we gezien, wat vinden we ervan, wat willen we ermee, en wat kunnen we ermee? The follow-up is a profoundly human process: what have we seen?


  1. What is Peoplework? Peoplework is a better way to run a business by putting people first in a digital-first world. Peoplework is the new revolution--a post-industrial and post-digital revolution that we are calling the "people revolution." Access to the distribution of products and services has become ubiquitous. (,and%20services%20has%20become%20ubiquitous.)
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