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  • methanisation/methanization
  • methanation


  • methanisering


  • méthanation
  • méthanisation


  • Methanisierung


What is the difference between methanation and methanisation?

Methanisation and methanation are two processes used to produce renewable gas.

Methanisation is a natural process whereby biogas is produced from organic waste. The process at work is called anaerobic digestion. The organic matter is heated in a low-oxygen atmosphere, which encourages its breakdown by bacteria and produces methane. That biogas, after treatment, can be injected into the natural gas grid in the form of biomethane, to be used for the same purposes.

Methanation, meanwhile, is an industrial process, the purpose of which is to create a chemical or biological reaction by combining hydrogen with carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. The resulting product is a gas referred to as synthetic methane.


Quelle est la différence entre méthanation et méthanisation?

La méthanisation et la méthanation sont deux procédés permettant de produire du gaz renouvelable.

La méthanisation est un processus naturel permettant de produire du biogaz à partir de déchets organiques. Le processus à l'œuvre est appelé digestion anaérobie. Les matières organiques sont chauffées dans un milieu pauvre en oxygène, ce qui favorise leur dégradation par les bactéries et produit du méthane. Ce biogaz, après traitement, peut être injecté dans le réseau de gaz naturel sous forme de biométhane et servir aux mêmes usages.

La méthanation est, quant à elle, un procédé industriel qui vise à créer une réaction chimique ou biologique en combinant de l’hydrogène avec du dioxyde de carbone ou du monoxyde de carbone. Le résultat obtenu est un gaz appelé méthane de synthèse.


Just to add to this (old) conversation... I've recently been translating materials for a French energy company discussing "green gases" and the processes of methanation and methanisation. The company makes a clear distinction between "methanation" - where methane is produced by combining hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide - and "methanisation/methanization" - where methane is produced by the decomposition of organic material under anaerobic conditions.

In short, both processes produce methane, but there are crucial technical differences between them.



This term is key, as it is the focal point of the process that we are discussing as part of the Gaya Project. In French, a clear difference must be made between methanation and methanization. The two terms are similar, but the processes are very different. In English, there was no distinction between both processes until recently. In French, the term methanation is used to refer to the catalytic process that converts synthesis gas into methane at around 400°C, in order to differentiate it from processes that produce biogas via anaerobic fermentation at ambient temperature, using waste or non-ligneous “wet” biomass.



methanisering = methanisation

"The process of deriving methane from any source, including livestock manure, landfills, coal mines, etc."


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