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Dutch = English

dibutyltindiacetaat = dibutyltin diacetate

dioctyltindiacetaat = dioctyltin diacetate

dibutyltindilauraat = dibutyltin dilaurate

dioctyltindilauraat = dioctyltin dilaurate

dibutyltindicarboxylaat = dibutyltin dicarboxylate

dioctyltindicarboxylaat = dioctyltin dicarboxylate

dibutyltindineodecanoaat = dibutyltin dineodecanoate

dioctyltindineodecanoaat = dioctyltin dineodecanoate

dibutyltinoxidemengsels = dibutyltin oxide mixtures

dioctyltintaanoxidemengsels = dioctyltin oxide mixtures

acetylacetonaat = acetylacetonate