negatieve invloed



  • negatieve invloed


  • negative impact
  • negative influence
  • negative effect
  • adverse effect
  • adverse impact
  • adverse influence
  • harmful impact
  • incursion (Comprehensive Dictionary of Industry and Technology, Graham P. Oxtoby)(see below: ‘Incursion’)

An invasion or attack, especially a sudden or brief one.
1.1 The action of running in or of running against:  ‘The cargo was damaged by the incursion of sea-water through a hole in a pipe.’
2.2 A hostile inroad or invasion; esp. one of sudden and hasty character; a sudden attack: ‘The consequences become‥terrible like an incursion of wild beasts.’
b.2.b transf. and fig. 
†c.2.c sins of daily incursion: the small sins which make daily inroads upon a holy life. Cf. quot. 1660 in b. Obs. 
†3.3 The action of incurring (blame or liability).