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  • profiel


  • (alg.) profile
  • (m.b.t. glas) gasket
  • (verticale doorsnede) vertical section
  • (van grondlichaam) profile
  • (m.b.t. grondwerk) profile, A batter board
  • (van houten lijst, natuursteen, pleisterwerk) mould(ing)
  • (van metaal) section[1]
  • (metselprofiel) profile


  • profielstang = bar
  • aluminium profiel = aluminium section, aluminum section
  • antislip profiel = antislip profile
  • geextrudeerd profiel = extruded section
  • geotechnisch profiel = geotechnical profile
  • gevat in lichtgrijze neopreen profielen = set in light-grey neoprene gaskets
  • halfrond profiel = half-round moulding
  • kwartholprofiel = concave profile
  • kwartrondprofiel = quarter-round moulding, ovolo profile
  • scharnierende profielen = hinged profiles
  • slank profiel = slender profile
  • stalen profiel = steel section
  • profielen stellen (m.b.t. grondwerk, metselwerk) = to set up profiles

Van Dale

• profiel (bouwkunde) = 
• (grondwerk) (Brits-Engels) profile, (Amerikaans-Engels) batterboard 
• (profielbalk e.d.) section
• (van hout, pleisterwerk) moulding

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  1. Note that ‘profiel’ is often translated as ‘profile’, when it would be better to use the word ‘section’. For example, ‘aluminium profiel’ is (usually) best translated as ‘aluminium section’, rather than ‘aluminium profile’.