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  • ringvorm (“De zwamvlok groeit soms uit tot een ringvorm, de zogenaamde heksenkring.”)


  • neck mould; neck ring; ring mould; finish mould (IATE: machine manufacture of hollow ware/ machinale vervaardiging van holglas)
  • ring shape (Linguee[1])
  • ring[2]
  • circle shape/form; shaped in a circle
  • annulus (KPN-woordenlijst)[3][4]

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  1. https://www.linguee.com/english-dutch/search?source=auto&query=ringvorm
  2. Eenmaal gevuld worden de worsten vijftien minuten in water gekookt, waardoor zij een ringvorm aannemen. = Once filled, the puddings are boiled in water for fifteen minutes, during which they form naturally into rings. (eur-lex.europa.eu)
  3. Oxforddictionaries.com: annulus = technical: A ring-shaped object, structure, or region. “The nucleus eventually no longer acts hydrostatically, thus the annulus and endplate are exposed to high point stresses which might lead to the cracks and fissures seen in degenerate discs.”
  4. OED: 1. General: A ring, or ring-like body (in various technical applications). 2. Geom. ‘The name of a ring, or solid formed by the revolution of a circle about a straight line exterior to its circumference as an axis, and in the plane of the said circle.’ Penny Cycl. 1834. 3. Bot. a. In ferns: The ring of cells which partially surrounds the sporangia. b. In mosses: The elastic external ring of epidermal cells with which the brim of the sporangium is furnished. c. In fungi: Sometimes applied to the portion of the veil, which remains like a collar round the stalk. 4. Astr. A ring of light, as in an annular eclipse. 5. Anat. A ring of dense fibrous tissue surrounding each of the valvular orifices of the heart, forming a point of attachment for the valve leaflets and for myocardial fibres. Also called annulus fibrosus.