What is a joint backer?

“Exactly as it sounds, a joint backer backs out joints, gaps and cracks prior to the application of a wet or paste-like filler or sealant of some kind, providing a controlled depth, sound base and backstop for the material to cure against.

Usually produced from flexible, polyethylene foam and known the world over by many different names, such as backing foam, backer foam, backing rod, backer rod, caulking foam, caulking strip, cork, chalk, filler foam, backing cord, backer cord, polycord etc. etc.) it’s technically the same thing.”


  • rugvulling


  • joint backer
  • backing foam
  • backer foam
  • backer material
  • backing rod
  • back-up rod
  • backer rod
  • caulking foam
  • caulking strip
  • cork
  • chalk
  • filler foam
  • joint backing material
  • backing cord
  • backer cord
  • polycord
  • sealant backing material

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