See also signaleren + signalisatiebord


  • signalisatie (signalering)


  • (bewegwijzering) signage (signs collectively, especially commercial or public display signs)
  • in België traffic / road signs
  • indicating
  • signalling/signaling
  • pointing out
  • outdoor signs, signs
  • signposting, signpost[1]
  • signal(s)[2]
  • ( sign(s), marking(s), signal(s)
  • visual aid
  • visual alert[3][4]
  • visual alarm


  1. signpost = (1) Provide (a route or area) with a signpost or signposts (2) Indicate (a place) with a signpost
  2. signal = (1.) Convey information or instructions by means of a gesture, action, or sound (1.1.) Instruct (someone) to do something by means of gestures or signs (1.2) (Of a cyclist, motorist, or vehicle) indicate an intention to turn in a specified direction using an extended arm or flashing indicator (1.3) Indicate the existence or occurrence of (something) by actions or sounds
  3. Context: ‘Nurse Call Systems’: ‘And of course code blue. Code blue signifies a patient needs immediate help. Pressing a code blue button sets up a string of audio and visual alerts inside the room, outside the room, at the nurse’s station and anywhere else the nurse call system is configured to alert. Periodic testing of code blue is highly recommended.’ (
  4. ‘Het VAS [= Visual Alert System] onderscheidt zich in verschillende opzichten van andere signalisatiemiddelen. Niet alleen is het systeem personaliseerbaar, de vloerprojectie trekt ook meer de aandacht dan standaard signalisatieborden. Bovendien is het VAS efficiënter dan de veelgebruikte panoramische spiegels die vaak te hoog zijn opgehangen, waardoor operators er geen rekening mee (kunnen) houden.’ (