• stoomafnemer, stoom afnemer, stoom-afnemer



  • steam collector
  • steam take-off
  • steam take-off valve
  • steam take-off point
  • steam extractor
  • steam consumer

Person/company, etc.

  • steam consumer
  • steam customer
  • steam purchaser
  • steam user

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Dutch English Source
"a waste-heat steam generator (8) and a downstream steam consumer (30), ..." Patent
- "Steam extractor: In case of coal-fired power plants that generate electricity in a steam turbine, a part of the LP/IP steam has to be diverted to the reboiler for sorbent regeneration. Steam extractors are installed to take out steam from the steam turbines." -
"… a **steam collector** at the top of said column, and a steam pipe from said steam collector down to the bottom of said heat exchange coil and having a steam jet to drive fumes through said scrubber, said column arranged so that water rises through said column, said water heated first by said heat exchange coil, then by said chamber and then by said fume collector." Patent