stored product insects

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  • stored product insects (SPIs)
  • stored product pests
  • stock-destroyers
  • stock contaminants
  • stock pests
  • pantry pests
  • pantry insects
  • food pests


  • voorraadaantasters, voorraad-aantasters
  • voorraadinsecten, voorraad-insecten

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  1. "The term stored product insects or SPIs covers a whole host of small insects that can affect stored foodstuffs in locations from home cupboards to commercial food factories. The inclusion of these pests in stored products such as grain, rice, pulses, and processed food often renders them unfit for sale or consumption. Although small, the global economic impact of these stored product insects is enormous, affecting all stages of food production from the primary producer to the end consumer. They can cause the recall of products, generating costs and causing additional losses from the disposal of affected products."