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  • vormgeven


  • mold/mould (To form into a particular shape; to give shape to)[1]
  • design (Van Dale/OGL)
    • eigentijds vormgegeven = of a contemporary/modern design
    • de entree is door middel van een atrium fraai vormgegeven = an atrium gives the entrance hall an attractive appearance
    • markant vormgegeven = having a characteristic shape/appearance
    • modern vormgegeven = in a modem design
    • zakelijk vormgegeven = functional
    • zorgvuldig vormgegeven = sensitively designed

Oxforddictionaries.com: mould/mould

  • mould/mould:
    • Form (an object) out of malleable material[2]: ‘a Connecticut inventor molded a catamaran out of polystyrene foam’
    • Give a shape to (malleable material): ‘take the marzipan and mold it into a cone shape’


vormgeving =

  • forming, shaping, design
  • vormgeven met een vormzak = bag moulding (GWIT)


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  2. Synonyms of mould: shape, form, fashion, model, work, construct, frame, make, create, configure, manufacture, design, sculpt, sculpture, throw; forge, cast, die-cast; stamp, print, impress, emboss, deboss, engrave, etch