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About Termhotel

Hi, I’m Michael Beijer. I’m a Dutch-English technical/patent translator & terminologist (with almost 30 years of experience). This site (a Dutch-English dictionary of sorts) is my hobby project and revolves around one of my great passions: terminology. I’m an avid collector of anything & everything relating to dictionaries, glossaries, termbases, etc. Termhotel.com is where I archive and manage all this data, in an easily searchable form.


If you’re researching a pesky term, you have several options:

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Notes Categories Languages
1,154 Abbreviations used in the Construction Industry Construction
1,826 3-letter acronyms (TLAs) Abbreviations
268 mainly Dutch acronyms.xls Abbreviations nl, en
305 French, German, English entries Misc. fr, de, en
383 French, German, English entries Misc. fr, de, en
3GPP LTE Abbreviations Dictionary.ld2 (1,785 English entries) Abbreviations
42 Dutch-English entries Business nl, en
497 Dutch-English sewing terms Sewing nl, en
5985958 (382 Dutch-English terms) nl, en
764 a few Dutch-English entries nl, en
Editing 82.doc (found on tdcorrige.com)(alternate version of ‘Puzzelwoordenboek’) Found on tdcorrige.com. Seems to be a different version of Puzzelwoordenboek. Crossword puzzles nl
909 random Dutch-English entries CLT.doc nl, en


Notes Categories Languages
Abbreviations.com Abbreviations
Abbreviations Used In Hotels Abbreviations
A Bibliography of Dutch Dictionaries, by Frans Claes & Peter Bakema
AccessScience.com Online version: McGraw-Hill’s Encyclopedia of Science & Technology
A Compleat Dictionary English and Dutch (1766), Willem Sewel & Egbert Buys
A Comprehensive Dictionary of the World (Thomas Wright; Mittal Publications, India)
A Contrastive Grammar of English and Dutch - Contrastieve grammatica Engels-Nederlands nl, en
Acronymbook (formerly ‘acronymbook.com’) This is where I keep track of abbreviations I come across while translating. Abbreviations
Acronymfinder.com (probably the best place to find acronyms/abbreviations) Abbreviations
Acronyms, Abbreviations and Initialisms (defined) Abbreviations
ACRONYMS+ABBREVIATIONS (DE, FR, EN, NL).txt (713 acronyms) Abbreviations nl, en
Addenda bij woordenboek Scheeps- Regel- en Installatietechniek (J. Delévaque) Full of useful terms; hard to find. French, English, Dutch. Shipping nl, en, fr
A Dutch Vocabulary (Bruce Donaldson, 1985)
Afkortingen en definities - Beleidsdraaiboek Klassieke Varkenspest & Afrikaanse Varkenspest
Afkortingen kosten (Koninklijk Besluit van 30 november 1976) a list of abbreviations used in Belgian legal documents Flemish nl
Afkortingenlijst Belgische Juridische Tijdschriften V&A
Afkortingenlijst t.b.v. Supply Chain Management, Inkoop en Logistiek (Hessel Visser)
Afkortingenlijst (found 2020-01-14)
Afkortingenlijst Vlaamse Overheid (vlaanderen.be/taaladvies/afkortingenlijst) Flemish nl
Afkortingenlijst voor Engelse tijdschriften (181 English entries)
A Glossary of Common Terms for Land and Land Tenure Property en
A Glossary of Plastics Terminology in 6 Languages http://www.polymerbranch.com/gloss.html Plastics ru, en, fr, de, it, es
A Glossary of Plastics Terminology in 8 Languages (Wolfgang W. Glenz) English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese (8th edition) Plastics en, de, es, it, fr, pt, ru, zh
A Glossary of Selected Fiber and Textile Terms (ballyribbon.com) English terms with definitions Textiles en
Aircraft Systems - Abbreviations and Acronyms (Prof. Dieter Scholz)
Acronymslist.com Abbreviations
acronyms (some).xls Abbreviations
Acronyms.silmaril.ie/#0 (formerly known as the Internet Acronym Server, created in 1988) Abbreviations
Acronyms.thefreedictionary.com Abbreviations
Acronyms used in the CISA Exam
Acoustics Dictionary: Quadrilingual: English, German, French, Dutch (Springer Netherlands, 1983) nl, en fr, de
ADP: Human Resources Lexicon: payroll & HR administration terms (2,000 entries) Business nl, en, de, fr, es, it
AGARD - Multilingual Aeronautical Dictionary, Acronyms and Abbreviations (approx. 3000 acronyms) Aviation
A Glossary of Weaving Terms (Weaver House) English terms with definitions Textile en
AGROVOC Thesaurus a multilingual controlled vocabulary covering all areas of interest to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Agriculture
Air cargo terms Aviation nl, en
Algemeen technisch woordenboek (ca. 1906) M. Faassen (Gep. 1ste Luitenant der Artillerie Archived @ archives/Algemeen-technisch-woordenboek-1906-M.-Faassen.pdf Technical nl
Alpex Textile Glossary Source: http://www.alpexonline.com/index.php (glossary seems to be offline now, 2020-12-16) Textile en
A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting (3rd edition), Kenneth A. Adams Law
American and British English spelling differences Localisation
American Mathematical Society (annser.csv) Abbreviations
Amo Institute of Sciences
Animal adjectives (avian, canine, cygnine, etc.) Animals
Animals (Dutch, English and Latin - 7,197 entries) Animals nl, en
ANNEX 31 - Glossary terms relating to the energy-related environmental performance of buildings Environment
Antalis.nl: glossary of paper industry terms (Dutch, English, French and German) Paper nl, en, de, fr
Antiquarian Dictionary in four languages (Boekenvondst.nl) (964 Dutch-English terms) Abbreviations nl, en
A Pirate’s Glossary (from ‘abaft’ to ‘yo-ho-ho’) Pirates nn
A Pocket Guide to Call Center Terms and Acronyms Call centres en
Analyse van op fijn stof gesorbeerde toxische organische micropolluenten (Wim Geeraerts) Chemistry nl
antiqbook.com Specialist online bookshop (selling bilingual/multilingual dictionaries) Bookshops
Apple glossary (45,000 Dutch-English entries) IT nl, en
A to Z of Diamonds Glossary Diamonds
Automotive terms (W.P. Barendsen & D. Belau, 2001) Automotive nl, en, de
Autowoordenboek: viertalig technisch woordenboek voor de auto- en motorrijwielbranche (S. van Renssen)(Kluwer, 1959) Automotive nl, en, de, fr
A-Z Begrippenlijst - Gokkasten (Dutch slot machine glossary) Gambling nl


Notes Categories Languages
BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms (by Irving Kind)[1] IT en
Babelnet.org[2] (v5) Multilingual term search
Beijerdeas Over the years, I have submitted literally hundreds of feature requests and proposed ideas to various developers of CAT tools and other software. I keep track of all of them on this page. CAT tools en
De Kluijver: Begrippenlijst https://dekluijver.nl/begrippenlijst/ Law nl
BegrippenXL.nl (interesting site with large number of glossaries/thesauruses, powered by ‘Skosmos’, a web based open source ontology browser) Multilingual term search
Belastingdienst - Engelse termenlijst Tax nl, en
Betonlexicon.nl (Van aanmaakwater tot zwavelzuuraantasting) (glossary of Dutch cement related terms, often with English translations of the headword) Cement nl, en
Beyond the Dictionary in Dutch: A Guide to Correct Word Usage for the English-Speaking Student (Bruce C. Donaldson) en
Bibliografie van lijsten met Nederlandstalige vakterminologie (Voorzetten 18)(L. van de Poll, 1988) Archived at: https://termhotel.com/archives/Bibliografie-van-lijsten-met-Nederlandstalige-vakterminologie-Voorzetten-18.pdf
Binnenvaarttaal, ‘De Binnenvaart Encyclopedie op internet’ (www.debinnenvaart.nl/) Binnenvaarttaal, 'De Binnenvaart Encyclopedie op internet', is een omvangrijke verzameling van scheepstermen (ca.20.000) uit de Nederlandse beroeps-binnenvaart, aangevuld met een groot aantal afbeeldingen (ca. 23.000) en enkele teksten. Ondanks alle tijd, die er aan dit werk besteed is, zijn er nog steeds vele hiaten. De site wordt echter steeds bijgewerkt en aangevuld. nl
Boegineesch-Hollandsch woordenboek (B. F. Matthes) nl
Boekwinkeltjes.nl ‘koop en verkoop van tweedehands boeken’ Best place I’ve ever found to track down hard to find second-hand dictionaries. Bookshops
BouwConcepten / Construction Concepts (https://constructionconcepts.nl/) Construction
Bouwkundige termen Nederlands-Engels-Frans-Duits (Buildinginfrance.com) (Approx. 560 construction related terms in Dutch, English, French and German) Construction nl, en, de, fr


Notes Categories Languages
Calculus 2 voor Bouwkunde (Calculus Glossary) (191 Dutch-English entries) Mathematics nl, en
Call Center Glossary: Learn Key Call Center Terms with Accurate Always (accuratealways.com) Call centres
Call Center Metrics: Glossary of Terms (North American Quitline Consortium, 2010) (95 terms relating to call centres) Call centres
Cambridge Handbook of Educational Abbreviations and Terms Education
Cardiagnostics.be: Automotive Expressions (310 English abbreviations) Automotive en
Cardiagnostics.be: Typical BMW Technical Expressions (402 English abbreviations) Automotive en
Cardiagnostics.be: Typical Mercedes Expressions (79 English abbreviations) Automotive en
Cassell's English-Dutch, Dutch-English Dictionary (Kramers & Cassell; Kramers edition, 31 Dec. 2001)(1597 pages)
Cedefop acronyms (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training)(51 Dutch-English acronyms) Education
Centexbel Lexicon: Schatkamer aan textiel- en kunststoftermen Extremely useful Dutch, English, French glossary of textile industry terms, with definitions. Textile nl, en, fr
Charlie Bavington’s blog: A pragmatic eye Blogs
Civil-Coastal Engineering eng dut.doc (9092 Dutch-English entries) (9,092 Dutch-English entries) Technical nl, en
Clothing industry glossary (AMTS Technique de Confection)(NL-FR-EN-DE)(in 4 parts) Source: http://www.amts.com.tn/lexique.php (2020-07-04) Textile nl, en, fr, de
Cloud A picture of a cloud. Weather
CodeZapper[3] DTP
Collier’s Encyclopedia Encyclopaedias
Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) (Dutch-English glossary) 5,030 Dutch-English entries Tenders nl, en
Compendium of Translation Software - directory of commercial machine translation systems and computer-aided translation support tools (John Hutchins) Archived on Termhotel.com here CAT tools en
Comprehensive Dictionary of Industry and Technology (Graham P. Oxtoby) a.k.a. Groot Woordenboek Industrie en Techniek (GWIT) nl, en
Construction industry acronyms (4,209 entries) Construction en
CONTACT CENTER DEFINITIONS: Glossary of contact center, call center and customer experience terms (genesys.com) Call centres en
Cookies, Coleslaw, and Stoops - The Influence of Dutch on the North American Languages (by Nicoline van der Sijs) Dutch language
Coronavirus Glossary (Dutch-English) Coronavirus en
Crypto glossary (58 entries in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French and Italian) Crypto nl, en, de, es, fr, it
Cryptopedia Glossary Crypto en
opus.nlpl.eu Corpora
paracrawl.eu Corpora


Notes Categories Languages
Dastex.com Verklarende woordenlijst ‘Dastex – the cleanroom expert for over 40 years’ Cleanrooms nl, en
‘De Belgische vertaler’ – Vertalende woordenboeken (Tradbelvert) Resources for translators
Definities overheidsopdrachten (overheid.vlaanderen.be) Tenders
De grondbeginselen der Nederlandsche spelling / Regeling der spelling voor het woordenboek der Nederlandsche taal (L.A. te Winkel) nl
De Helianthus - Verklarende woordenlijst Praktijk voor Alternatieve Geneeswijzen in Haarlem Alternative medicine nl
De terminologie van het Nederlands erfrecht in het Engels en in het Frans Law nl, en, fr
Deutsche Bahn (DB) Anlage 3.1, Wörterliste Deutsch-Niederländisch (German-Dutch) Railway nl, de
Dict.cc - 12,101 Dutch-English terms nl, en
Dictionnaire juridique de Serge Braudo French fr
Dictionnaire juridique de Serge Braudo - list of abbreviations used in law and legal documents (in French) French
Dictionary for Building Technology Terminology (Technische Universiteit Delft) Construction nl, en
Dictionary of Electrical Engineering: English, German, French, Dutch, Russian (Springer-Science+Business Media, 1985) nl, en, fr, de, ru
Dictionary of Electronics: English, German, French, Dutch, Russian (Springer Netherlands, 1985) nl, en, fr, de, ru
Dictionary of English Abbreviations (5,161 English abbreviations) Abbreviations en
Dictionary of Agriculture: In German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian by Gunther Haensch and G. Haberkamp de Anton Agriculture en, de, fr, sp, it, ru
Dictionary of Architecture and Building Technology (Henry Cowan, Peter Smith) Construction en
Dictionary of Physics (Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, 2004) ‘The Dictionary of Physics is an updated translation of the Lexicon der Physik, published in German by Spektrum Akademischer Verlag.’ Physics en
Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terminology (English, German, French, Dutch, Russian) (Springer-Science+Business Media B.V., 1984) Technical nl, en, de, fr, ru
Dictionary of Technical Terms, by Jakob Vlietstra https://www.angelfire.com/ca/vlietstra/dictde.html Technical nl, en
Dictionary of Terms Master (619 multilingual entries) Same as: Fespa.com Glossary of Screen and Digital Printing Terms (Full, multilingual version in 11 languages) Printing nl, en, de, fr, sp, it, ro
Difference between reagent + reactant (Dutch: reagens + reactant) nl, en
Desktop Publishing Services - Professional desktop publishing DTP services in all languages
DGT EMT Challenge 2021 ‘Design your Future Working Environment’
Dictionary of Computer Acronyms and Abbreviations (John C. Rigdon)
DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms: Shortened Word Forms Military
Dokmar Woordenlijst Engels-Nederlands (Dokmar Maritime Publishers B.V.) Source: https://www.dokmar.com/nl/woordenlijst-engels-nederlands/ Shipping nl, en
Dutchcadillac.nl: Woordenboek Automotive nl, en
Dutch-English and English-Dutch Dictionary in the new spelling, by C.J Van Rijn (1908)
Dutch-English Cardiovascular Glossary - by Marie Brotnov (179 entries) Medical nl, en
Dutch-English dictionary created from OmegaWiki database OmegaWiki nl, en
Dutch-English Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, Brokling, L.G., published by the author 1983 Military
Dutch-English-German-Portuguese-Spanish Glossary Business nl, en, de, sp, pt
Dutch-English glossary (31,224 entries) nl, en
Dutch-English glossary with 1,654 entries (origin unknown) nl, en
Dutch Legal Terminology in English − A Practical Reference Guide (Tony Foster; Academic Press Leiden) Law
Dutch medical terms and body parts in Dutch (expatica.com) Medical nl, en
Dutch sailing terminology (www.4sailors.nl) “For sailors who need to know Dutch sailing terminology, here is our online nautical dictionary English-Dutch…” Shipping nl, en
dyes vs pigments (and their translations into Dutch) nl, en


Notes Categories Languages
EDANA Glossary of Nonwoven Terms EDANA is the leading global association and voice of the nonwovens and related industries. Textile en
EDANA Translation of Nonwoven Terms English, French, German, Italian, Spanish en, fr, de, it, sp
EENI Global Business School - Foreign Trade Glossary (Dutch-English) Business nl, en
Eerste nederlandse systematisch ingerichte encyclopædie (1946–52; ‘First Dutch Systematic and Comprehensive Encyclopaedia’) Encyclopaedias
Ekagi-Dutch-English-Indonesian Dictionary (J. Steltenpool, 1969) (Open Access) Indonesian nl, en, id
Elmar puzzelwoordenboek Puzzles
Elsevier’s Dictionary of the Printing and Allied Industries (2nd Edition)(Elsevier Science, 1983) Printing
Elsevier Supplement to the Dictionary of the Gas Industry: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, German nl, en, fr, de, es, it, pt
eMpTy Pages - Comments about translation technology, new collaboration models, and inspiration Blogs
Encyclopedia Americana Encyclopaedias
Encyclopædia Britannica Encyclopaedias
Encyclopedia Britannica (britannica.com)
Engels-Nederlands Nederlands-Engels Mini-woordenboek (Kosmos) nl, en
English-Dutch_53000.html (53,000 English-Dutch entries) Can’t remember where I found this file. Author seems to be a translator called Eric Paroissien. nl, en
Ensie.nl - Zoek in honderden encyclopedieën en woordenboeken…[4] Encyclopaedias
E-numbers - 380 Dutch-English entries E-numbers nl, en
Ernst & Young Glossary Business nl, en
Ernst Kers’ ‘Translation of some tram related words’ Railway
Eskom Abbreviations List from document re ‘Multi-Year Price Determination (MYPD 4)’ Abbreviations en
Eskom Dictionary for power generation and distribution (English-Afrikaans) Eskom is a South African electricity public utility. Original file name: ‘Eskom-woordeboek-1986.pdf’ Afrikaans af, en
Essential Dutch Dictionary: Dutch-English/English-Dutch Dictionary (Teach Yourself: Reference)(Gerdi Quist & Dennis Strik, 2010) nl, en
Esculaap.nl/medische afkortingen Medical nl
EU abbreviations and acronyms Abbreviations nl, en
EUFOFINET Fire Glossary (European Glossary for Wildfires and Forest Fires) Firefighting
EUFOFINET Fire Glossary (List of Abbreviations and Acronyms) Firefighting
EUROCONTROL ATM Lexicon - A single point of access to validated ATM terminology Aviation en
EUROCONTROL - AIRIAL (Air Navigation Inter-Site Acronym List) Aviation en
EuroPat[5] (europat.net) Patents
European Employment and Industrial Relations Glossary: Luxembourg EU
European Employment and Industrial Relations Glossary: Netherlands (V.d. Heijden, P.F. + De Gier, E.) EU
European fibre abbreviations chart (joelandsonfabrics.com) Textile en
European Industrial Relations Dictionary EU
European Patent Office (EPO) Glossary Patents en
EUROPUMP TERMINOLOGY - Pump Component Names (Elsevier Advanced Technology) Pumps en, fr, it, es, de
EuroTermBank: multilingual terminology portal (accessible from within memoQ) Multilingual term search
EuroVoc (Multilingual Thesaurus of the European Union)(12,169 Dutch-English entries) EU
EU terminology - Draft (Ontwerp), Regulation (Voorschrift), Directive (Richtlijn) - in 23 languages EU nl, en
Exploring Translation Theories, by Anthony Pym ‘presents a comprehensive analysis of the core contemporary paradigms of Western translation theory’ Translation theory
Export View_TYPO3.core.form_Dutch_Pootle.html No idea where I found this. nl, en


Notes Categories Languages
Faber on Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting (Robert C. Faber) (Intellectual Property Law Library) Patents en
Fespa.com Glossary of Screen and Digital Printing Terms (601 Dutch-English terms) Printing nl, en
Fespa.com Glossary of Screen and Digital Printing Terms (Full, multilingual version in 11 languages) Printing nl, en, fr, de, it, pl, pt, ro, se, sl, es
Finance Glossary (10355 Dutch-English entries) Business nl, en
Financial Glossary (25,240 Dutch-English entries)(Part 1) Business nl, en
Financial Glossary (25,240 Dutch-English entries)(Part 2) Business nl, en
Financieel Economisch Lexicon (FELOnline)(A.J. de Keizer)[6] Law, Business, Finance
Financieel Woordenboek - 4500 verklaringen van financiële en economische begrippen Author: Roeland M. Van Poll; Publisher: Financieel Dagblad Business nl
Financieel Woordenboek - 5000 verklaringen van financiële en economische begrippen Author: Roeland M. Van Poll; Publisher: Business Contact; Edition: 1 November 2003, 358 pages Business nl
Fiscaal technisch Nederlands-Engels woordenlijst.pdf (found on iNDENT mailing list)(498 Dutch-English entries) Business nl, en
Fockema Andreae's Juridisch Woordenboek, R.D.J. van Caspel, HRW Gokkel, CAW Klijn (14de druk). Law
Football Language Glossary Football
Free Dictionary Online (afreedictionary.com) I recently discovered that someone has managed to put the entire contents of one of the Van Dale Dutch-English dictionaries online. ...[7] multi
Freeware data from Ergane (19,936 Dutch-English entries) nl, en
Friesch woordenboek (Lexicon Frisicum)(in three parts) nl


Notes Categories Languages
Garner’s Dictionary of Legal Usage, 3rd edition, Bryan Garner Law
Geïllustreerde woordenlijst vervoersstatistiek (International Transport Forum, ITF)(vierde editie) Transport nl
GEMET Thesaurus 4.0 (‘General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus’)(EEA) Environment
German-English legal dictionaries Law de
German, English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese glossary (93 terms) (origin unknown) nl, en, de, es, pt, zh
Geospatial Glossary (GOV.UK) English terms with definitions en
Giga Groot Puzzelwoordenboek (Evert Schotpoort)(1,193 pages) Crossword puzzle dictionaries
Global Agricultural Concept Space (GACS) Agriculture
GLOSSARIUM - Technische woordenschat in 4 talen (mode/confectie-industrie) (ontwikkeld door IVOC - modeleerkracht.be) Textile nl, en, fr, de
Glossary of Animal Slaughter Terms (Dutch-English) Animal slaughter nl, en
Glossary of Botanical & Horticultural Terms (Herman Busser) 6de druk, 1999 nl, en
Glossary of conveyors terms and definitions (IS 4240) (1984, Indian Standards Institution) Very good resource with lots of clear definitions and pictures. Palletising en
Glossary of Dutch Procedural Terminology (Netherlands Commercial Court, NCC) The Judiciary - Netherlands Commercial Court (NCC) Law nl, en
Glossary of Geographical Names in Six Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Dutch
Glossary of geometric terms of location (parallel, transverse, perpendicular, etc.) Geometry
Glossary of medical & biomedical sciences Medical nl, en
Glossary of Pallet Terms (H&S Forest Products) Palletising en
Glossary of patent law terms (en.wikipedia.org) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glossary_of_patent_law_terms Patents en
Glossary of Project Management Terms (Appendix 1) found somewhere online Business en
‘Glossary of project management terms’ by the Association for Project Management (APM) APM = the Association for Project Management Business en
Glossary of Pump Terms (Atlantic Pumps) 25 English terms, with definitions Pumps en
Glossary of Pump Terms (Globalpumps.com.au) Approx. 680 English pump terms with definitions. Pumps en
Glossary of stock market terms (Wikipedia) Business en
Glossary of technical terms commonly used by ABB ABB works in the fields of robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment, and automation technology Technical en
Glossary of Terms (Brillopak.co.uk) http://www.brillopak.co.uk/glossary Palletising en
Glossary of Terms used in the gas industry, Part 6: Combustion and utilization including installation at consumers’ premises (BRITISH STANDARD BS 1179-6: 1980)(English terms and definitions) Boilers en
Groot Medisch Woordenboek (Peter P. Reuter) a.k.a. ‘Groot medisch vertaalwoordenboek’, Springer Groot Medisch Woordenboek. Medical nl, en
Grootspoor Afkortingen Railway
Groot Woordenboek der Geneeskunde: Encyclopaedia Medica (Stafleu, 1955-1966) Medical nl
GCSE Dutch Vocabulary List (1,627 Dutch-English terms)(OCR) OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations) is an examination board that sets examinations and awards qualifications (including GCSEs and A-levels). It is one of England, Wales and Northern Ireland's five main examination boards. Education nl, en


Notes Categories Languages
Handy Technical Dictionary in 8 Languages (Illustrated)(1949) Technical en
Haynes Technisch Woordenboek Engels-Nederlands Technical nl, en
HOLLAND PARAAT! (#1) - Materieel van het Nederlandse Veldleger tijdens mobilisatie en inzet (1939-1940) (Giesbers’ Media, 2011) Equipment of the Dutch Field Army in mobilisation and deployment nl, en


Notes Categories Languages
IATE (Interactive Terminology for Europe)(the EU’s massive terminology database) Multilingual term search
Illustrated Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering: English, German, French, Dutch, Russian (V.V. Schwartz, et al.)(1984) Technical en, de, fr, nl, ru
IMSpoor Publicatie Home Railway
Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal - Begrippenlijst Linguistics nl, en
Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal - Begrippenlijst (Uitleg bij vaktermen die op ivdnt.org gebruikt worden) Education
International Dictionary of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning

(Compiled by: The Publishing Committee of REHVA)

(REHVA = Federation of European Heating and Airconditioning Associations) Environment nl, en, de, fr, es, it, ru, sv, da, pl, fi, hu
International Dictionary of Refrigeration (International Institute of Refrigeration, IIR) (Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish) a.k.a. ‘Internationale Woordenboek voor Koeling’, ‘INT.WDBK.KOELTECHNIEK’, etc. Refrigeration nl, en, ar, zh, fr, de, it, jp, no, ru, es
Interne leidraad octrooiverlening (Octrooicentrum Nederland) Patents nl, en
Internetwoordenboek.nl - Interessante publicaties op het gebied van internettaal IT
ISACA® Glossary of Terms – Dutch 3rd Edition (2015) ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) is an international professional association focused on IT (information technology) governance. Source: https://www.isaca.org/resources/glossary IT nl, en


Notes Categories Languages
Java Glossary of Terms (Oracle) IT en
Joostdevree.nl - Afkortingen bouw in het Amerikaans Engels (F. Heitzman)(1,130 English abbreviations) Construction en
Joostdevree.nl: Woordenlijst Nederlands-Engels (construction terms)(10,236 Dutch-English entries) Construction nl, en
Juridisch-Economisch Lexicon (‘JurLex’) (‘The Legal and Economic Lexicon’) (Aart van den End, Gateway Woordenboeken) Law nl, en
Juridische verwijzingen & afkortingen (V&A)(vena.be) Law


Notes Categories Languages
Kamer van Koophandel: woordenlijst (Dutch, with some English) Business nl, en
KDE-Nederland woordenlijst Approx. 1,030 Dutch-English entries IT nl, en
KDEdoc: ‘A parallel corpus of KDE manuals’ Original file: KDEdoc.tmx, with 1,266 Dutch-English segments IT nl, en
Keminaco, by Martin Michel (Risk & Safety Phrases + Hazard & Precautionary Statements) R-Phrases - Risk phrases / S-Phrases - Safety phrases (in Dutch and English) Safety nl, en
Keywords Keywords nl, en
Kramers Business Woordenboek Engels-Nederlands / Nederlands-Engels (Elsevier, 2001)(1,683 pages) ‘Medio jaren zeventig van de twintigste eeuw werd de uitgave van Kramers' woordenboeken overgenomen door uitgeverij Elsevier en later door Uitgeverij Het Spectrum. In 2001 werden de woordenboeken opgenomen in het fonds van Prisma en sinds 2005 worden ze ook onder die naam uitgegeven.’ (https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kramers%27_woordenboeken) nl, en
Kramers’ Engels woordenboek: Dutch, English (Kramers, J.; G.B. van Goor Zonen, 1948). nl, en
Kramers’ Engelsch Woordenboek Engelsch-Nederlands/Nederlandsch-Engelsch, 13de druk. nl, en
Kramers vertaalwoordenboek Nederlands-Engels (G. Van Kooten; Elsevier, 1996) nl, en
Kramers vertaalwoordenboek Nederlands-Engels (H. Coenders; Elsevier, 2000)(544 pages) nl, en
Kramers Woordenboek Nederlands-Engels (38th edition)(Elsevier) nl, en
Kramers handwoordenboek Nederlands-Engels (Dutch Edition) nl, en
Kramers encyclopedisch business woordenboek, 7-talig (587 pages) (Kramers Business, 2003) nl, en
Kramers’ Geographisch Woordenboek Der Geheele Aarde


Notes Categories Languages
Latin numbers Some Dutch-English examples: artikel 3 bis = Article 3a; artikel 4 bis tot 4 quater = Article 4a to 4c, etc. Latin nl, en, lt
Leidraad voor juridische auteurs. Voetnoten, bronvermeldingen, literatuurlijsten en afkortingen in Nederlandstalige publicaties (T. C. Borman) Law nl
Lexicon Scheepvaart & Transport Engels-Nederlands, Nederlands-Engels (P.C. van Kluijven) Shipping nl, en
<Lexonomy> open dictionaries a bunch of online dictionaries created using the Lexonomy backend multiple
Lijst van afkortingen in het Nederlands (nl.wikipedia.org) 1,928 Dutch abbreviations Abbreviations nl
Lijst van medische afkortingen (found in a PhD thesis inline) Medical nl, en
Lijst van Verkortingen Spoorwegen (Peter Gutter) Railway nl
List of Abbreviations (source unknown) Abbreviations
List of Abbreviations 2 (source unknown) Abbreviations en
LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS (The Dutch Safety Board) Abbreviations
List of Dutch dictionaries (Wikipedia) see also: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woordenboek#Nederlandse_woordenboeken Dutch nl
List of legal abbreviations (Wikipedia) Law en
Luchtvaart Noord Nederland (LvnNL): Afkortingen & Termen Aviation en


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Medical abbreviations (262 terms) Medical
Medisch woordenboek Engels-Nederlands/Nederlands-Engels (by F.J.A. Mostert) Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, 2011; 5de druk = laatste druk? Medical nl, en
MedDRA: Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities Medical en
Measurement unit abbreviations Abbreviations
Merit Students Encyclopedia Encyclopaedias
Michaellaneous Terms random assortment of stuff nl, en, de
Microsoft Encarta (Microsoft Encarta Multimedia Encyclopedia)(archived on the Wayback Machine) Encyclopaedias
Microsoft Excel function translations (481 Dutch-English entries) IT nl, en
Microsoft Terminology Collection (Dutch-English).xls 27,509 Dutch-English entries IT nl, en
MISCELLANEOUS (large collection of Dutch-English terms) (origin unknown) nl, en
Muiswerk Woordenboek Developed by Kurve nl
Multilingual Dictionary of the Gas Industry (International Gas Union, IGU) Boilers en, de, fr, sp, it, ru, no, pl, sl, cs
Multilingual Glossary of technical and popular medical terms in nine European Languages ‘This system contains the electronic form of eight glossaries, in which you can find 1830 technical and popular medical terms in eight of the nine official European languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish.’ Medical nl, en, fr, de, it, es, pt, da
Multiligual set of R and S phrases, courtesy of Marek Pawelec (Dutch-English) See also: Keminaco, by Martin Michel (Risk & Safety Phrases + Hazard & Precautionary Statements) Risk phrases nl, en
My workflow (i.e., how I go from source to target document) How I process PDFs in my translation work. Workflow en


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NCC Rules of Procedure (officielebekendmakingen.nl) (Dutch-English) https://zoek.officielebekendmakingen.nl/stcrt-2020-68805.html NCC nl, en
(Neder)brackets The Dutch have a particular way of (ab)using brackets. I try to make sense of some of the worst offenders in my ‘(Neder)brackets’ collection.[8] Dunglish nl, en
Nederlandse rechtsbegrippen vertaald - Frans - Engels - Duits (J.H.M. van Erp, ed.; T.M.C. Asser Instituut, Den Haag, 1998) Law
Nouveau Dictionnaire de Poche Flamand-Français et Français-Flamand par L'Abbé Olinger (1852) "New Flemish-French and French-Flemish Pocket Dictionary by Abbé Olinger" (Digitized: 9 April 2014) Flemish nl, fr
Nuffic.nl: Education systems ➔ Belgium - Flanders ➔ Glossary ‘A list with explanations of terms often used.’ Education nl, en
Nuffic.nl: Education systems ➔ The Netherlands ➔ Glossary ‘A list with explanations of terms often used.’ Education nl, en
Nuffic.nl: Education systems ➔ United States ➔ Glossary ‘A list with explanations of terms often used.’ Education en
NUFFIC Glossary Last version (as of 31 Aug 2020) of an amazing Dutch-English glossary of terms used in higher education. Discontinued. Education nl, en


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‘Octrooien! Een introductie voor het hoger onderwijs’ (Verklarende woordenlijst) (RVO.nl) Patents nl
Online Textile Dictionary English version of a multimedia textile defining dictionary with over 2000 textile and clothing terms. Textile en
Onroerend Goed Lexicon (OGL) (‘The Property Lexicon’)(Aart van den End, Gateway Woordenboeken)
Onroerend Goed Lexicon (OGL) - verschillen tussen Britse Engels en Amerikaanse Engels (aan einde Lexicon)
Ontwerpgrondslag Elektrotechnische Installaties Terminalcomplex: AFKORTINGEN (Schiphol Nederland B.V.) Aviation nl, en
Open Dutch WordNet (ODWN) ‘adjectives monosemous.csv’ + ‘adjectives monosemous.csv’ nl, en
Oosthoek: ‘Oosthoek’s Geïllustreerde Encyclopaedie’, ‘Oosthoek’s Encyclopaedie’, ‘De Grote Oosthoek’, etc. Encyclopedias nl
Op-en-Top Nederlands. Woordenlijst overbodig Engels (opvolger van ‘Funshoppen in het Nederlands. Woordenlijst onnodig Engels’ + ‘Woordenlijst evenwaardig Nederlands’) Dutch language
Osha.gov ➔ Scaffolding eTool good little glossary of scaffolding related terms Scaffolding en
Oude en Nieuwe Afkortingen in de zorgsector (verpleging-verzorging.nl) Medical nl
Over 800 Abbreviations of religious orders source: http://www.catholicdoors.com/misc/abbrev.htm Religion en
The Oxford-Duden Pictorial Dutch & English Dictionary nl, en


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Pallet Terminology from A-Z (Palletconsultants.com) Source: https://www.palletconsultants.com/blog/pallet-terminology Palletising en
Patenttranslator’s Blog - Diary of a Mad Patent Translator Blogs
Patitia.net: Multilingual Glossary of Nice Classification System of goods and services relating to trademarks)(6,264 Dutch-English entries) IP nl, en
PatTR: Patent Translation Resource alignments (aligned by Michael Beijer, in 2015) In 2015, I went through quite a bit of trouble to convert this monstrous dataset into .tmx files so translators can use them in their CAT tools. I used to charge a small fee for them, but have since started offering them for free. Patents en, fr, de
PIANC: Illustrated Technical Dictionary in six languages nl, en, fr, de, es, it
Pinkhof Geneeskundig woordenboek (Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, 2006) Medical nl
Pinkhof Medisch Engels Medical nl, en
Plant Protection Products - FAO 2-letter code for formulations src: https://www.ctgb.nl/binaries/ctgb/documenten/toetsingskader-gewasbeschermingsmiddelen/2014/01/31/evaluation-manual-eu-part-v2.0/EM2-0+EU+part+2+physical-and-chemical-properties+2014.pdf Plants nl, en
Politie afkortingen (regio17.info) (345 Dutch acronyms) Police nl
Post Office Dictionary 1990 (English-Afrikaans) ‘Compiled by the Post Office Terminology Committee of the Department of Posts and Telecommunications in collaboration with the National Terminology Services of the Department of National Education’ (original file: ‘Poskantoorwoordeboek.pdf’) Afrikaans af, en
Pressol.com - Afkortingen (Pressol is een producent van smeer en werkplaatstechniek.) nl, en
Prisma groot woordenboek Nederlands-Engels See: https://www.prisma.nl/producten/prisma-groot-woordenboek-nederlands-engels-9789000360871 nl, en
PRINCE2:2009 – Translation List (Dutch) Business
Prorail Verklarende woordenlijst (Milieueffectrapportage 1e fase) Railway nl
ProZ.com virtual conference for International Translation Day (30 Sept 2014), session: ‘Machine translation panel from a freelancer perspective’. I was a panellist in the 2014 ProZ.com virtual conference, in a session titled: ‘Machine translation panel from a freelancer perspective’. The session was moderated by Jeff Allen and included Dimitra Anastasiou, Patrick Porter (and myself) as panellists. See: http://www.proz.com/virtual-conferences/632/program/9778 (please excuse the terrible audio quality!) PR en
Pump glossary with 1,134 Dutch-English terms Pumps nl, en
Pump Terminology Glossary (SteelPumps UK) (English terms, defined) Pumps en
Puzzelwoordenboek (26 pages - A-Z) Crossword puzzle dictionaries


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Quanjer’s English dictionary (Blankwaardt & Schoonhoven, 1 Jan. 1910) a.k.a. ‘Engelsch Zakwoordenboek’, ‘Engelsch woordenboek’, ‘Engelsch Zakwoordenboek’, etc. nl, en


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railAlert: Lijst van afkortingen Railway nl
railAlert: Begrippenlijst Railway nl
Railway glossary (188 Dutch-English terms) Railway nl, en
RailLexic (UIC's railway glossary, now available online) Railway
RailLexic 4.0 CD-ROM (UIC railway glossary comprising some 16,000 terms in 22 languages) Railway
Railway Technical Website - Railway Lexicon Railway en
REHVA HVAC Dictionary nl, en, de, fr, es, it, ru, no, sv, da, pl, sl, cs, pt, ro, fi, hu
Resil’s Online Textile Dictionary extensive online dictionary, offline now; used to be @ http://resil.com/dictionary/

“The online dictionary is directed to the widest possible audience. The terms are carefully selected with an eye to what are most likely to be encountered by those in the textile, apparel, fashion and retail industries.  The entries cover various textile areas, which include fibres, yarns, fabrics, garments, manufacturing operations, processing techniques, chemicals, auxiliaries, garment finishes, quality auditing, merchandising, fashion designing, garment retailing, etc.”

Reverse engineering dictionary software (some links and ideas)
richtig interpretieren der augenblicklichen Situation richtig interpretieren eines Signals (6,230 German-English entries) Railway en, de
RIGD-LOXIA ➔ railDocs ➔ Afkortingen Source: https://confluence.rigd-loxia.nl/display/RAILD/Afkortingen Railway nl
‘Righting English that’s gone Dutch’, by Joy Burrough-Boenisch This interesting book should be required reading for all budding translators working from Dutch into English and vice versa. Dunglish nl, en
Routledge Encyclopedia Of Translation Studies Translation en
Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Technology Translation en


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SAP: ‘ChartofAccount_YCBE_2010.xls’ (958 entries) (Dutch, English, French) Business nl, en, fr
Schrijfwijzer.nl (6e druk) - Jan Renkema Boom uitgevers Amsterdam Dutch nl
Sentences This page is a collection of sentences, created for SEO purposes. Some will be funny, others interesting or meaningful, while some will be downright boring. However, they will each serve a specific (top secret) SEO purpose. Sentences en
Signal words, hazard statements and precautionary statements in 23 languages europa.eu.xlsx (in 23 languages) nl, en, bg, es, cs, da, de, et, el, fr, ga, it, lv, lt, hu, mt, pl, pt, ro, sk, sl, fi, sv
Sharkysoft wiki (‘This wiki is a repository for random but useful technical information.’)
Standaardafkortingen (Inspectierapport Farmacovigilantie) Inspectie Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd (IGJ) - Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport nl, en
Stripfiguren Tekenen - by Jack Hamm, Aart van den End (Translator), Noor Tupker-van de Beemer (Translator)(1992) Translated from English into Dutch by Aart van den End, author of the ‘Juridisch-Economisch Lexicon’ (JurLex), among other important dictionaries. Translated books nl, en (Dutch (translated from English)


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Taalvlinder.com: A great website that collects Dutch-English specialist glossaries. de Taalvlinder is een project © 2000 -2018 van Ochrid Hogen Esch nl, en
Taalvlinder.com: ‘Termen uit de bouw – Engelse termen uit de bouw- en doe-het-zelf-wereld verzameld en vertaald door Erik Brommeijer’ Glossary of construction terms by Erik Brommeijer; 5,998 Dutch-English entries Construction nl, en
TechDico.com (‘1 billion translations categorized by activity in 28 languages’) TechDico: ‘The translation tool TechDico gives you access to ...[9] nl, en, etc.
Technical glossary (1,674 Dutch-English terms) (source unknown) Technical nl, en
Technical glossary (2636 Dutch-English entries) (source unknown) Technical nl, en
Technical Glossary (29329 Dutch-English entries) (source unknown) Technical nl, en
Techniek dut eng.xlsx (in 11 parts) (Proverb.nl, Hans Visser) 159,551 Dutch-English terms (warning: contains some messy stuff) Technical nl, en
Technisch Woordenboek voor den scheepsdienst in vier talen (Publisher: Kweekschool voor den zeevaart) Hardcover 350 pp.; Dutch, French, German, English Shipping nl, en, fr, de
Termania: Interview with Michael Beijer in ‘Why is terminology your passion? A collection of interviews with prominent terminologists’ I was recently one of 26 terminologists to be interviewed by trainees from the European Parliament’s Terminology Coordination Unit (TermCoord) for a post/section on their new blog @ termcoord.eu titled ‘Termania’. The collected interviews are currently available from the EU bookshop as a PDF. My particular interview can be found here:


PR en
TERMES ECONOMIQUES (616.pdf) 7,070 Dutch-French terms Economics nl, fr
Terminologie Financieel Management (Dutch-English)(F. van Amerongen; Kluwer)
Terminology websites & blogs (termcoord.eu) Resources for translators
Textielstad.nl - Woordenlijst Engels-Nederlands Textile
Textile Glossary (Michael Beijer) a rough glossary of Dutch-English textile related terms Textile nl, en
Textile Glossary (Dutch, English, German, French)(‘2000-textieltermen.xls’) Can't remember where I found this online, but I've archived it on Termhotel.com for future googlers. Textile nl, en, de, fr
Textile Glossary (pollackassociates.com)(4th edition) Textile
Textile: Misc. glossaries online (require further processing) Basically a long list of glossaries I would like to incorporate into Termhotel at some point. Original list found at: https://www.ats-group.net/glossaries/glossary-lexicon-textile.html Textile
Textiles Intelligence: Glossary Textile
The Anglo-Dutch Relations from the Earliest Times to the Death of William the Third: Being an Historical Introduction to a Dictionary of the Low-Dutch Element in the English Vocabulary By Johan Frederik Bense; Springer Netherlands, 1924. History nl, en
The Linked Open Data Cloud (lod-cloud.net) Big Data
The mariner’s and merchant’s polyglot technical dictionary…’ by Karel Pieter Ter Reehorst (1850)[10] Technical nl, en, da, no, se, fr, it, es, pt, ru
The Patent Translator’s Handbook (American Translators Association, 2007) Patents en
Threat and vulnerability response acronyms
Terminologie gebruikt in zakelijke brieven, Nederlands-Pools (‘free.download.business.letters.dutch.polish.translations.xls’) Business nl
Toets- en onderwijstermen Nederlands-Engels (Cito, www.toetsenopschool.nl) Original source: http://toetswijzer.kennisnet.nl/html/toetsenopschool/termen_NederlandsEngels.pdf Education nl, en
Translationproject.org (bilingual data in .po format) multi
TransTools (by Stanislav Okhvat) Suite of productivity tools for Microsoft Office designed for translators, editors, content creators and DTP specialists. TransTools is basically CodeZapper on steroids. DTP
Tribology Glossary - Werktuigbouw en Tribotechniek (tribologie.nl) Source (no longer online): http://www.tribologie.nl/abc/default.htm Mechanical engineering nl, en
ttmem.com - Dutch to English dictionary of automotive terms (15,231 Dutch-English terms) See: https://www.ttmem.com/terminology/ttmem-terminator/ Automotive nl, en
ttmem.com - Dutch to English dictionary of e-mark and prepackaging terms (174 Dutch-English terms) See: https://www.ttmem.com/terminology/ttmem-terminator/ nl, en
ttmem.com - Dutch to English dictionary of textile terms (1,996 Dutch-English terms) See: https://www.ttmem.com/terminology/ttmem-terminator/ Textile nl, en
TT-Software - Dut7Translations_1111.xls 1,111 Dutch-English entries TT-Software nl, en
Tweetalig Woordenboek van vak en bestuurstaal bij Belgische Spoorwegen: Verkortingen Dutch abbreviations Railway nl
Translation Tribulations (Kevin Lossner’s blog) Blogs


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UIC RailLexic Abbreviations Source: https://www.unilexids.de/help/info/uicterms.htm Railway en, fr, de
UIC RailLexic Subject fields Railway en, fr, de
Ultramarin Maritime meertalige geïllustreerde encyclopedie voor zee- en binnenvaart (CD-ROM) Shipping nl, en, fr, de
Understanding ‘Patentese’ – A Patent Glossary (by Arnold B. Silverman and George K. Stacey) Source: https://www.tms.org/pubs/journals/JOM/matters/matters-9609.html Patents
Using Online Dictionaries, edited by Carolin Müller-Spitzer Noticed the other day I’ve been quoted in this! Translation en
USPTO Glossary: A-Z definitions of intellectual property terminology Source: https://www.uspto.gov/learning-and-resources/glossary Patents


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Van Dale Afkortingen ‘16.000 afkortingen met verklaringen en aanvullende informatie.’ Van Dale nl
Van Dale Dr. Verschuyl Puzzelwoorden 1.000.000 (1,100 pages) Van Dale nl
Groot woordenboek hedendaags Nederlands (versie 2.0, 2002) I have the CD-ROM, Windows version Van Dale nl
Van Dale Groot woordenboek hedendaags Nederlands • I have a working copy of ‘Versie 2.0, 2002’ on (Windows 11)

• Last printed version seems to be the 4th edition, from January 2010. • I found a copy online somewhere (in PDF, EPUB and HTML).

Van Dale nl
Van Dale Groot woordenboek Nederlands<>Engels I have a working copy of the 2nd edition (2002) on (Windows 11). Van Dale nl, en
Van Dale Groot Woordenboek van de Nederlandse taal (‘Dikke Van Dale’) I have a working copy of the 14th edition 2005 (on Windows 11). Van Dale nl
VERA Abbreviations (Abbreviations from all VERA test protocols) Agriculture
VERA Glossary (Terms and definitions from all VERA test protocols) Agriculture
Van Houtum woordenlijst 5 talen (239 entries, 5 languages) nl, en, fr, de, es
Verklarend Informatica Woordenboek (C. van Uitert; Samson, 1989) English/Dutch computing dictionary; ISBN: 9789014037967; 2e druk, 198. 1063 pages IT nl, en
Verklarend woordenboekje voor de reproductietechniek in de grafische vakken (G.J. Jong, 1940) Printing
Verklarende woordenlijst naaitermen Engels-Nederlands (naaipatronen.nl) Sewing nl, en
Verklarende woordenlijst waterbouwkundige termen (TU Delft) Coastal Engineering department of the Delft University of Technology - 627 terms; Dutch-English + Dutch with definitions Coastal engineering nl, en
(Vernieuwd) Overzicht militaire afkortingen (military acronyms)[11] Military nl, en
Vertaalwijzer Engels-Nederlands (Chris P. Odijk) Translation nl, en
Veterinair woordenboek E-N/N-E (P.L.M. Kerkhof, 1998) Veterinary medicine nl, en
Villa Kogelhof
vlaamswoordenboek.be/ Very useful website if you are trying to figure out what a Belgian is talking about. Flemish nl-BE


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Wadden Sea Dictionary - German, English, Danish, Dutch (International Wadden Sea School, IWSS) Previously called ‘Wadden Sea Vocabulary’. ‘A useful guide to common Wadden Sea Vocabulary: General expressions, plant and animal names, international abbreviations’ nl, en, de, da
(water)bouw woordenlijst (bouwtrefpunt.nl) Construction nl, en
Water, Ramp en (Neder)land: Lijst met gebruikte afkortingen 97 Dutch abbreviations (Bijlage bij het Eindrapport Project Land-Zeeregelingen) nl
Webster’s Dictionary (Thumb Ease, 1983) This was probably my first dictionary ever. Dated 1988. English dictionaries en
What are the Parts of a Patent Application? (Watson Intellectual Property Group) Very clear description of the structure of a patent application. Patents en
Who can Really be Called a Lexicographer? - Gouws, Rufus H.

Lexikos; Stellenbosch Iss. 22 (2012)

Lexicography en
Why Opting for a Dedicated, Professional, Off-the-shelf Dictionary Writing System Matters (Gilles-Maurice de Schryver) Archived on Termhotel.com at https://termhotel.com/archives/Why_Opting_for_a_Dedicated_Professional.pdf Terminology en
Wikidict-dsl-nl Wikidata Bilingual DSL Dictionaries (Dutch-English) Wikipedia nl, en
Wikipedia Encyclopaedias
Wikipedia database, automatically generated Dutch-English dictionary generated: 2020-03-10 Wikipedia nl, en
Wikipedia Dutch-English dictionary created from Wikipedia database (7,430 terms) quality not great but might be useful to someone Wikipedia nl, en
Wikipedia glossary (303,787 Dutch-English entries)(4 parts) Glossary generated based on Wikipedia’s interlanguage links Wikipedia nl, en
Wikipedia:Lists of common misspellings abbriviation (abbreviation), absoulte (absolute), etc. Wikipedia en
Wikipedia - List of medical abbreviations Wikipedia en
Wiktionary-dict 50,943 English-Dutch translations extracted from en.wiktionary.org Wiktionary nl, en
Wiktionary Glossary created from Wikipedia database 9,185 Dutch-English entries Wiktionary nl, en
Wiskundewoordenlijst Nederlands ↔ Engels (Frido Verweij) Note: This is a quick copy/paste from https://library.fridoverweij.com/dictionary/dictionary_old.html The sections are not very well arranged on the page. Mathematics nl, en
Woerterbuch.pdf - Multilingual textile glossary created by Wuppertaler Garn Service GmbH (WGS) Textile nl, en, de, fr
Wolters’ Handwoordenboek Nederland-Engels (20e druk, 1994) 1,080 pages; Twintigste druk, ISBN 9Q-6648-625-2 Dictionaries nl, en
Woordenboek der Atjehsche taal (K.F.H. van Langen, 1889)
Woordenboeken en hun makers - Een selectie uit Trefwoord 1-9 (Nicoline van der Sijs e.a., 1998) Archived at: https://termhotel.com/archives/Woordenboeken en hun makers (Nicoline van der Sijs e.a., 1998).pdf Terminology nl
Woordenboek geneeskunde E-N/N-E (P.L.M. Kerkhof) (derde druk) Medical nl, en
Woordenboek geneeskunde en biomedische wetenschappen E-N/N-E (P.L.M. Kerkhof) (zesde, ongewijzigde druk) Medical nl, en
Woordenboek PSO Engels-Nederlands (KMA – 4de druk) by Kolonel b.d. LJJ Dorrestijn see: https://www.proz.com/kudoz/dutch-to-english/military-defense/7074880-dienstvak.html Military nl, en
Woordenboek van neologismen (Marc De Coster) nl
Woordenboek waterbouwkundige termen (438 Dutch-English terms) Hydraulic engineering nl, en
Woordenlijst Geotechniek NL-EN (quizlet.com flash cards)(904 Dutch-English terms) Construction nl, en


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Notes Categories Languages
Zestalige woordenlijst invullen fytosanitair certificaat (Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit, NVWA) ‘Dit document bevat een woordenlijst in de talen Nederlands, Engels, Spaans, Frans, Duits en Portugees ter ondersteuning bij het invullen van het fytosanitair certificaat.’ (src) nl, en, fr, de, pt, es
Ziekenhuis.nl Woordenboek – Dutch-English Medical Dictionary (1,858 Dutch-English entries) Medical nl, en
Z-Library (The world’s largest ebook library) (see also: book4you.org)
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(1) The pages in the ‘Terms’ category contain my own research while translating. I basically use this wiki as a notepad and memory aid, so a lot of the content will be quickly written and potentially far from perfect. If you find anything glaringly incorrect, feel free to drop me a line @ michael@beijer.uk!

(2) For a page with all the terms displayed clearer (with alphabetical headings), see: Terms.

(hoofd)aannemers, onderaannemers, nevenaannemers, .dsl, Special:Badtitle/NS102:A.h.w, Aan, Aan de hand van, Aan kant maken, aan kant hebben, aan kant houden, Aan- en uitloop, aanbesteder, Aanbrengen, aandrukken, Aanduiding, aaneengesloten, aangeleverd, aangrijppunt, Aanhangig, Aanlegvlak, Aanlooptijd, aanlopen, aanslagnok, aansluiten, aansluiten bij, Aanspreekcultuur, Aansteekbrander, aansturen, aanstuurprogramma, aansturingsprogramma, aandrijver, aanvliegen, Aanvullen, aanvulling, Aanzet, Aardscherm, Abbreviation of ‘versus’, Ablation, acceptable quality level (AQL), Acetone, Ach, Acquisitie, Acronyms, Abbreviations and Initialisms (defined), Actieve aangeslotene ofp-iorp, Adelaarsvleugels, Advies, Afgeschuind, afkapwaarde, afscheiden, afstelmal, afstempelen, afsteunen, af steunen, afvalbrandstof, Afvoer; afvoeren, drainage, draineren, drainering, afvullen, Agentuur, air conditioning, air-conditioned vs climate-controlled (space, storage, etc), Algemene Aannemingsvoorwaarden voor uitvoering van bouwwerken, Algemene vergadering 3 types belgium, alinea, Alle Bouwplaats Risico’s verzekering, Alternatievenonderzoeksnota, Ambient conditions, ambtshalve, van ambtswege, amulet (Dutch), animal feed, Anlaufzeit, AON, Appearance notice, Application, apply (English-Dutch), Aqueous, arbobeleid, armband, polsband, bracelet, arrêt, arret (Dutch), Arthropod, associate, Associated, associëren, At-home vs in-office, axle, B (misc.), bajonetsluiting, balkvormig, ball shank, ball socket, bandraster, Base, Bedrijventerrein, beeldscherm, beeldwoordenboek, Beijer, Belichten, benevelen, beneveling, Berekening, besogne, Bestaansrecht, bestanddeel, Bestuursrechtelijke procedure, beweeglijkheid, Bezet-spoor, bezetting, bezettingsgraad, Bid for work, bij, bijleveren (bijzenden), Bijvoeglijk naamwoord, bijvoeglijk naamwoord, bill of quantities, binnenhoek, blank, Bok, boorklem, Bootstrap, Bootstrap acquisition, Bore (noun), Bouwen aan de toekomst, bovenbelasting, bovengrond, bovenkant, bovenzijde, bracket, brandmeldcentrale, brandcentrale (branddetectie-installatie), Brandpuntsafstand, Breedterichting, Breekbout, Breekplaat, Breekring, Breekspanning, Breisel, Brochure, buitenhoek, Bulk density, bulkhead, bus (ring ter bevestiging of versteviging), bypass, cap, Capillary, capteren, Cartridge, case (Dutch), Cation, cattle, CE, Ce, Centistokes, changeover, change-over, change over, Clean vs dirty earthing systems, Coating, Coconut, Collapse, Collect, Collection, collision, Compatible, Complex project, Complex project ‘Kustvisie’, compound, Compressed, concluant, conclusie, connection, Conservatoir of executoriaal derdenbeslag leggen, constructie, constructieverzekering voor bouwwerken, Contain, content (Dutch), controleren, Cover, crypto, Cure, Cure rate (concrete etc.), Cure rate (defaulted assets), Cure rate (pesticides), cytopathic or cytopathogenic effect (CPE), daarbij, dadendrang, deck system, Deelnemen in een onderneming, deelopdracht, Defect, Demonteren, dennenboom, diarree, Dictionary, Difference between exploded view and cutaway drawing, Difference between reagent + reactant (Dutch: reagens + reactant), Difference between stoneware and earthenware, digitalisering, digitise vs digitalise, dimensional stability, Dimensioneren, Discutabel, dispense, divider, Doelmatig en doeltreffend, doeltreffend en doelmatig, Doeltreffendheid, Doenvermogen, Door tussenkomst van, doordat, draagbalk, Draaglager, Special:Badtitle/NS102:drive plate, driver plate, driving plate, droogvijzel, Dubbelvouwen, dunne vs dikke fractie, Duwschoen, schoen (context: shoe sorters), Dwarsverband, dwell time, dé, hét, eenwoordzin, Eenzelfde, éénzelfde, een zelfde, Efficacy, Efficiency, Egaal, eindlaag, Eindtoets, Elongate, Emplacementsbeveiliging, Encompass, Encompassment, Encyclopedia, Engage, Enhance, enhancement, entrain, etikettering, evident (Dutch), evident (English), Fastened, feed, feestzaal, fermentatievat, festonneren, filterbak, slikkast, Fixed, flap (English), flash evaporation, floor plan, flow battery, fluïdum, food grade, Forceps, Fout, frequentieregelaar, Fuse, Gap, Gebruiksmodel (patents), Gebruiksregels, Gegevensdrager, Gelaat, aangezicht, gezicht, gelijkaardig, gelijkstroom en wisselstroom, Gestikte naad, gevel, gevelbekleding, Gewichtsprocent, Gierkelder, gierput, gierkuil, Glossary, God, goedgedragen, Grammar, Granulometry, Graphical user interface (GUI), Greetings of the day sir!, Grenswaarde, Grillig, grondaanvulling, grote voordeel, grout, Haken en ogen, Halfmasker, Halfverharding, halm (Dutch), Handelszaak, Handhavingskosten, harde ondergrond, Havendam, hekelen, hendel, Hernieuwing, hierbij, Hippoboscidae (louse flies or keds), hocker, hoekpositie, hoogterichting, hulpoproep, Immateriële activa, in eerste instantie, in functie van, in het verlengde van, In kaart brengen, in vitro assay, Inbouwdiameter, zaagmaat, Inbouwhoogte, inbouwdiepte, incision, infection, infestation, Information and belief (law of evidence), Ingebruikneming, ingebruiknemen, ingebruikname, in gebruik nemen, in gebruik genomen, ingieten, initialiseren (initialisation) vs initiëren (initiation), Inkoppelen en uitkoppelen (of a clutch), inkoppelen of uitkoppelen (van licht), Inlooptijd, inlopen, Inregelen, Inschieten, Inschietgebied, inspectieput, inspelen op iets, installing, Interageren, Interchangeable, interference fit, International Dictionary of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (REHVA), Invalshoek, inzetbaarheid, inzetten op iets, in­dienst­stel­ling, in dienst stel­len, jaunty, Job matching, juweel, kabeldoorvoer, kabelwartel, Kaderwet, kampeerauto, kantlat, Kaolin, Kap, kapstok, keerrol, Keyphrase, Keyword, Kier, Kit, Klemveer, kleurstof, Knoop, koppelbus, kostprijs, kroonkurk, kruisen, kwaliteitsafwijking, Laaglaagwaterlijn, Lexicon, lichtsfeer, Lichtstraal, straal licht, straal van licht, Lijdend erf, Lijdend erf vs heersend erf, Lipid numbers, localisatiesysteem, lokalisatie, lokaliseren, loopvlak, Loshangend, Losliggend, Louse, lice, Machine learning, Machtiging, mantel (Dutch), Materieel, materiële (substantive), Maximaal, meedenken, meel vs bloem (meal vs flour), meeleveren, meeneempunt, Meester in de rechten, meester, mr. (Dutch law degree), meetonzekerheden (MO, M.O.), meevoeren, meenemen, enz, mensenwerk, merkbeleving, metalektro, methanisation vs methanation, Michaellaneous Terms, minwerken/meerwerken, misc. catalysts, Misc. terms starting with ‘v’, mitigate, Molecular weight, Monitor, monitoring, monitored (verb), mooi, Mother deed (property), Motor vs engine, Motorreductor, mouthguards, braces, etc., Mtr., muurbekleding, wandbekleding, Narrative, Narrative (noun), Natief, Nazorg, Ne varietur, neck valve (of a beer keg), negatieve invloed, neighbo(u)rhood, Niet in aantal zijn (om geldig te beraadslagen op een vergaderingen), Nieuwheidsonderzoek, Nitrous, node, nok, Non-woven, Noodmaatregel Overbrugging voor Werkgelegenheid (NOW), notie, O (misc.), Objectiveren, objectivering, Occupation concept, offerte (tenders), omgeving, Omhelzen, Omhullen, Omkapselen, ompakken, Omplooien, onder meer (o.m.), ondergrond, onderhuren, onderkant, onderzijde, onderstel, Onderwerp, Onderzoeksfase, Onderzoeksnota, Op verzoek, op zich, Opdeciem, opgelet!, let op!, opgieten, Oploopkast, stofoploopkast, stofoploop (Printing), Opportuniteitskost, opportuniteitskosten, opslagplaats, opsluiten, opsluitring, Opvangen, Opvolging, opvormen, opvormen en ontvormen van chocolade, Original complaint, Outflow, Outright, Outsert; wraparound; wrap round, over de schutting gooien, overeenkomstig, overheidsopdracht voor werken, Overleggen, overnemen, overschrijden, Overschrijven, Overtrek, overtuigingsstuk, Overzicht, Overzichtelijk, Pacemakers, packing density, Parse tree, Parse, parsing, Participatie, Patentese, pathogen, pathogenicity, Pattern matching, Pattern recognition, Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), PDOK, pelletising, Penalty, pendant/pendent (groups/chains/atoms), Pension (Dutch), pet food, petfood, Phrase, Pijnpunt, Pile, pintle, plaat, platte, platje, plaatsje, plooibank, Plural, Pointer, Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS); dimethicon(e); poly(dimethylsiloxane); dimethylpolysiloxane, Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV), precies, Prikinstrument, prikgereedschap, Procesverloop, profiel, Programma van Eisen (PvE), protective order, protective order vs protection order, Pump, Quats, Query language approximating to normal phraseology, Quickscan, quotation, raambekleding, ramp-up time, randvoorwaarde, rechtsplegingsvergoeding (RPV), Recite, recitation (Patentese), reconventie, Recover, Registratieoctrooi, Registreren, Regulateur, REHVA HVAC Dictionary, Rekenmodel, relatie, repertorium, repertoriumnummer, richtingscoëfficiënt, rigidly attached, Rijgklem, Rijksoctrooi, ringvorm, Rinsable, rinsible, Rinse, rooien, Rooster, rotatieas, draaiingsas, draaias, rugvulling, Sailor, samengesteld, Samenvallen, samenvattende meetstaat, samenvattende opmeting, Samenvoegen, Sapienic acid, scatter plot, Schaaldieren, Schadebeeld, schadepatroon, scharnierblok, scheepsluik, schimmel, scrim, Special:Badtitle/NS102:seal, Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS), Sense, Sensibiliseren, Septic Tank Pumps Terminology (waterpumpsupply.com), shift, signaleren, signalisatie, Silicon dioxide, similar, Simply, Situering, Slepende afdichting, sluitring, Smooth, snel schakelen, snijolie, Soepel, Sollicitant, sorption, spacer fabric, spanbout, Spanning, spanwiel, spijsverteringskanaal, Spiracle, spoelwater, Stable vs. Stabile, stam, StarDict Dictionaries Mirror, stelschroef, stengel, plantenstengel, steriele ruimte, Sterk staan, steunlat, stompkaars, stoomafnemer, stop (English), stored product insects, Storingsafhankelijk Onderhoud (SAO), Stormvloedkering, Strak, stress and strain, strooilicht, Structure, Sturen, Stuurapparaat, Sugar alcohols, suiker, Surgical, susceptibility, suspension, systeemplafond, Tabakszaknaad, tabaksnaad, tandverbinding, targeten (Dutch, verb), tegeltjeswijsheid, Tegenstelbaarheid, tenietdoen, terminologist, spint, terugveringsdemping, rebounddemping, Test rig, Testopstelling, Tie strap, Tijdregistratie, Tijdsbesteding, Tijdverantwoording, Tijdverantwoording, urenverantwoording, Toepassingsgebied, Toetsen, toetsing, Toetsingsprocedure, top coat, topcoat, torsiekracht, trade-off, trapsgewijs, Treatment failure, Trein, trekkabel, trekriem, trommelzeef, trunk, Trunk Call, Turf, tussenkomende vonnis, het tussen te komen vonnis, Tussenkomst, Tussenkomst van een notaris, tussentitel, Types of triangles (driehoeken), uitbater - uitbaatster, uitkleuren, uitmonden, uitsorteren, unload, vakterminologie, valoriseren, valse wand, voorzetwand, vat (Dutch), verderzetten, vergrendeling, verlopen, verloperig, vlok, VOL-VCA, voor afschrift, voorspannen, voorgespannen, vormgeven, waarbij, weegcel, welbepaald, werkbegeleiding, werkgeheugen, werktuigbouwkundige installatie (W-installatie), werkwoord, Wet Verbetering Poortwachter (WvP), wielophanging, XBRL 2 Excel: Vertalingen (in Dutch, English, French and German), zakelijke rechten vs persoonlijke rechten, zelfstandig naamwoord, zichtoppervlak, zijrand, ±

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  1. BABEL: Around 3,500 English abbreviations and acronyms. Last update around 1996.
  2. BabelNet is an innovative multilingual encyclopedic dictionary, with wide lexicographic and encyclopedic coverage of terms, and a semantic network/ontology which connects concepts and named entities in a very large network of semantic relations, made up of about 20 million entries. Conceived within the Sapienza NLP Group, engineered and maintained by Babelscape, BabelNet follows the WordNet model based on the notion of synset (for synonym set), but extends it to contain multilingual lexicalizations. Each BabelNet synset represents a given meaning and contains all the synonyms which express that meaning in a range of different languages.’ (https://babelnet.org/)
  3. What is “CodeZapper”? Latest build: 2.9.4 "CodeZapper" is a powerful, easy to use set of Word VBA macros designed to “clean up” Word files before being imported into a standalone translation environment (DVX, memoQ, SDL Studio, TagEditor, Swordfish, OmegaT, Wordfast Pro, etc.). Word documents are often strewn with “rogue codes” or junk tags (so-called “smart tags”, language tags, track changes tags, spellchecker tags, soft hyphenations, scaling and spacing changes, redundant bookmarks, etc.). This tagged information shows up in the translation grid as spurious codes {1}around{2}, or even in the mid{3}dle of, words, making sentences difficult to read and translate and generally negating many of the productivity benefits of the program. OCR’d files or PDF converted files are even worse and often end up as a “code soup”. CodeZapper attempts to safely remove as many of these unnecessary tags as possible while retaining formatting and layout. It can be run at the press of a button on a single file or all the files in a folder in batch mode. It also contains a number of other useful macros (tidying up PDF converted files, temporarily moving bulky pictures out and back into files to speed up import, etc.). No installation is required as such. The template .dot file can be either copied to Word's startup folder or loaded from the templates and add-ins folder. Please note that CodeZapper will not run natively on a Mac. It requires Word 2003 (for Windows) upwards.
  4. Ensie.nl: ‘Zoek in honderden encyclopedieën en woordenboeken … Waaronder: Groot woordenboek van de Nederlandse taal, Winkler Prins Encyclopedie, Atletiekwoordenboek, Borrelwoordenboek, Encyclopedie van de Evolutiebiologie, Lexicon van Ethiek, Sinterklaaslexicon, Bijbels Lexicon en meer!’
  5. EuroPat: ‘Patents as parallel corpora We have processed patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office and from the European Patent Organisation. By matching up related patents in different languages, we can obtain parallel text that is useful for training machine translation systems. Data is available to download as matched sentences from pairs of languages.’
  6. Must-have resource for any Dutch-English translators working in finance/business, etc.
  7. afreedictionary.com: I recently discovered that someone has managed to put the entire contents of one of the Van Dale Dutch-English dictionaries online. Completely illegal of course but quite useful if you don’t own it (which I do). I have compared it with my local copy and the data seems to be from the Van Dale Groot woordenboek Nederlands-Engels (versie 2.0, 2002).
  8. (Neder)brackets: The Dutch have a particular way of (ab)using brackets. I try to make sense of some of the worst offenders in my ‘(Neder)brackets’ collection. Incidentally, the best explanation of this issue I have ever come across is in the chapter, ‘Bracket (ab)use’, in ‘Righting English that’s gone Dutch’, by Joy Burrough-Boenisch.
  9. TechDico: ‘The translation tool TechDico gives you access to the most valuable translation resources available: • IATE (european terminology), • Eur-Lex-Europa.eu (european law texts), • WIPO (international patents), • CJKI (Asian languages glossaries) and to multilingual specialized dictionaries.’
  10. Full title: ‘The mariner’s and merchant’s polyglot technical dictionary of upwards of five thousand nautical, steam, and ship-building terms, commercial and scientific, in ten different languages, ... with a precise explanatory key to the pronunciation of these languages, and a comparative table of the money, weights and measures of sea ports’ by Karel Pieter Ter Reehorst (Creator)(1850)
  11. 2,691 Dutch-English acronyms used in military contexts
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